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SOAW Mourns the Death of Charlie Liteky and Celebrates His Life and Contribution to the SOAW Movement PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 21 February 2017 23:29

http://ww2.hdnux.com/photos/51/23/67/10829261/3/1024x1024.jpgSOAW mourns the death of Charlie Liteky, as well as his wife Judy Liteky five months earlier.  Both Charlie and Judy were instrumental in the SOA Watch Movement.  Charlie, a former Army Chaplain, made headlines when he returned the Medal of Honor he had received as an Army Chaplain during the Vietnam War in protest of the Reagan Administration's Contra war in Nicaragua in the 1980s.  Charlie and Roy Bourgeois, together with 7 others, held a 35 day water-only fast outside of the School of the Americas, helping to spark the SOAW Movement.  Following the fast, Charlie, Roy, and Charlie's brother Patrick, planted crosses with the photographs of the Jesuit priests assassinated in El Salvador, throwing their own blood on the walls of the SOA.  When sentenced to prison, they became the SOAW Movement's first prisoners of conscience, beginning a long tradition of civil disobedience.  Judy Liteky also played an important role in SOAW, as one of the filers of a lawsuit to try to force the Pentagon to release the names of the soldiers trained at the SOA-WHINSEC.  Charlie and Judy will be greatly missed and we are grateful to their contributions to the creation of the SOAW movement, the struggle to close the SOA and against US empire and wars around the world.  Read the National Catholic Reporter Article about Charlie here.

There will be a Celebration of the Life of Charlie Liteky on Saturday, March 4, 2017 at 2pm at the First Unitarian Universalist Society of San Francisco.  Click here for more information.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 22 February 2017 17:12
Call to action: One year anniversary of Berta's murder PDF Print E-mail
Written by Brigitte Gynther   
Wednesday, 15 February 2017 21:32
These are trying times, but they are also filled with intense resistance that gives us hope that a different future is possible. We must continue to work for a world of justice and peace. Berta Cáceres' visionary leadership and resistance during her life and the steadfast continuation of the struggle by her colleagues in COPINH inspires us to continue the long-term work of resisting U.S. empire and domination around the world, including stopping U.S. military aid and training in Honduras. 

March 2nd marks the 1 year anniversary of the brutal assassination of Berta, and we encourage you to organize an event this March to remember Berta and call for an end to the U.S. militarization of Honduras. Berta's organization,
COPINH has issued a call for actions around the world on March 2nd as well as for events throughout the month of March (Read Statement Here). We share a few ideas and possible dates, by no means all, here:
  • March 2 - Global Day of Action and Anniversary of Berta's assassination: Organize an action or a Vigil for Berta and so many others who have lost their lives speaking out for justice.  If your Representative or Senator supports continued U.S. funding of Honduras' security forces, hold the event outside his/her office (contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more on your Rep. or Senator's position)
  • March 4 - Berta Cáceres' Birthday: Honor Berta's legacy as an environmentalist, anti-racist, and feminist social movement leader
  • March 8 - International Women's Day: Show a film on Berta and her legacy - click here for some suggested videos/documentaries
  • March 27 - Anniversary of COPINH: Organize a protest against US military aid to Honduras and learn more about COPINH's righteous struggle
  • March ? - Participate in an protest in solidarity with refugees & migrants; bring posters of Berta to call attention to the U.S. role in creating forced migration from Honduras

We look forward to hearing your ideas and events you may be planning. Please contact us for contacts, materials, and information about your Representative/Senator's position or anything else you need to make an action, vigil, or event happen near your home.  If you plan an event please let us know so we can share it.  A number of organizations around the country are planning actions, and we'll be posting information on events already being planned in Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Chicago and other locations next week.

To get involved in this Call to Action, SOAW advocacy work (e.g. pushing to suspend US military/security aid to Honduras, or opposing the "Alliance for Prosperity"), or to be a part of the SOAW Honduras Solidarity Collective, please email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Grassroots power works! Together we will challenge U.S. Imperialism in Honduras, which contributes so much to the forced migration of Honduran refugees, tramples on Native people's rights, and facilitates the destruction of the environment.

Berta Vive! La Lucha Sigue!

En Español: Llamada de Accion: Un año sin Berta.

Estos son tiempos difíciles, pero también están llenos de una intensa resistencia que nos da la esperanza de que un futuro diferente es posible. Debemos seguir trabajando por un mundo de justicia y paz. El liderazgo visionario y la resistencia de Berta Cáceres a lo largo de su vida, además de la continua lucha de sus colegas de COPINH, nos inspiran a continuar la resistencia al imperio y la dominación de Estados Unidos en todo el mundo, incluyendo su ayuda y entrenamiento militar en Honduras.

El 2 de marzo marca el Primer Aniversario del brutal asesinato de Berta. Le animamos a organizar un evento durante el mes de marzo para recordar a Berta y pedir el fin de la militarización estadounidense en Honduras. La organización de Berta, COPINH, ha emitido una convocatoria de acciones en
todo el mundo el 2 de marzo, así como para eventos durante todo el mes de marzo.  Leer el comunicado completo aquí. Compartimos algunas ideas y fechas posibles:

2 de marzo - Día Mundial de Acción y Aniversario del asesinato de Berta:
Organice una acción o una Vigilia para Berta y tantos otros que han perdido la vida hablando por la justicia. Si su Representante o Senador apoya la continuación del financiamiento estadounidense a las fuerzas de seguridad de Honduras, mantenga la vigilia fuera de su oficina (póngase en contacto con This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it para obtener más información sobre su representante o senador).

4 de marzo - Cumpleaños de Berta Caceres: Muestre una película.  Haz clic aquí para ver algunas ideas.

8 de marzo - Día Internacional de la Mujer: Honrar y rendir homenaje al legado de Berta.

27 de marzo - Aniversario de COPINH: Organizar una protesta contra la ayuda militar de Estados Unidos a Honduras

Marzo: Participe en un evento solidario con personas migrantes y refugiadas.

Esperamos escuchar sus ideas y saber de los eventos que podría planear. Por favor comuníquese con SOA Watch si requiere contactos, materiales e información sobre la posición de su Representante / Senador, o cualquier otra cosa que necesite para que una acción, vigilia o evento ocurra cerca
de su casa. Si planea un evento por favor háganoslo saber para poder compartirlo. Varias organizaciones de todo el país están planeando eventos, así que también estaremos compartiendo información sobre acciones que ya están siendo organizadas en Los Ángeles, Minneapolis, Chicago y
otros lugares la próxima semana.

Para involucrarse en este Llamado a la Acción, al Trabajo legislativo de SOAW (por ejemplo, presionando a suspender la ayuda militar / de seguridad de EE.UU. a Honduras, u oponerse a la "Alianza para la Prosperidad"), o para ser parte del Colectivo de Solidaridad con Honduras de envíe un
correo a This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

El poder de las bases funciona! Juntos vamos a desafiar al imperialismo estadounidense en Honduras que contribuye tanto a la migración forzada de refugiados hondureños, pisotea los derechos de los pueblos indígenas y facilita la destrucción del medio ambiente.

¡Berta Vive! La Lucha Sigue!

Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 February 2017 22:12
SOA Watch stands with the global community in the struggle for a peace and just world PDF Print E-mail
Written by Brigitte Gynther   
Friday, 10 February 2017 23:39

SOA Watch strongly condemns the actions taken by President Donald Trump, which violates the integrity and lives of hundreds of thousands of people inside and outside the U.S. Faced with fear and hatred, we reiterate our commitment to stand in solidarity with all who fight for their right to live a just and peaceful life.

We are in solidarity with Standing Rock and strongly oppose the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. We call for support of indigenous peoples in the Americas, who have historically been the first line of defense of the land and to whom political expediency and capitalist interests have challenged their right to life. From Oceti Sakowin to Ushuahia, we demand respect for the dignity and self-determination of indigenous peoples.

We continue to stand in solidarity with migrant communities, all those who are beneficiaries of DACA, and all refugees regardless of immigration status or place of origin. U.S. immigration and border control policies attempt to disguise the root causes of migration: the ruthless economic, political, and military intervention of in Latin America that forces hundreds of thousands of people to escape the violence of war and poverty. We continue our commitment to the border communities and all who face physical and virtual walls that violate their human dignity and quality of life. We strongly denounce the threats of Donald Trump against the people of Mexico!

We are in solidarity with Muslim communities and oppose any kind of regulation that prohibits the entry of people into the U.S. based on hatred, racism and xenophobia. The disastrous ban ignores the constant wars that have forced the departure of hundreds of thousands of refugees caused by U.S. policymakers, regardless of their political party.

We are in solidarity with LGBTQ communities, migrant and refugee communities, Muslim communities, African American communities, indigenous peoples, and all people who have faced violence due to their skin color, birthplace, defense of land and natural resources, or religion. We will continue to fight against training at SOA/WHINSEC and against U.S. military bases in Latin America. We will continue to join the global community in the struggle for a peace and just world.

Not one step back,

SOA Watch

SOA Watch condena las acciones ejecutivas del presidente Donald Trump

El Observatorio por el Cierre de la Escuela de las Américas (SOA Watch) condena enérgicamente las acciones emprendidas por el presidente Donald Trump, las cuales violentan  la integridad y las vidas de cientos de miles de personas dentro y fuera de los Estados Unidos. Frente al miedo y al odio, reiteramos nuestro compromiso de mantenernos firmes al lado de quienes luchan dignamente por su derecho de vivir en paz.

Nos solidarizamos con las comunidades de Standing Rock y nos oponemos firmemente a la construcción del Oleducto en Dakota del Norte. Hacemos un llamado a caminar al lado de los pueblos indígenas en las Américas, quienes históricamente han sido la primera línea de defensa de la tierra y a quienes la conveniencia política y los intereses capitalistas les han cuestionado su derecho a la vida. Desde Oceti Sakowin hasta  Ushuahia, exigimos respeto a la dignidad y autodeterminación de los pueblos indígenas.

Nos mantendremos firmes  al lado de las comunidades de personas migrantes y de todas aquellas personas beneficiarias de DACA, y nos solidarizamos con las personas refugiadas sin importar el estatus migratorio ni el lugar de origen. Las políticas de control de la migración y de las fronteras ocultan en realidad las causas raíces de la migración: la nefasta intervención económica, política y militar de los EEUU en América Latina que obliga a cientos de miles de seres humanos a escapar de la violencia de las guerras y la pobreza. Reiteramos nuestro compromiso con las comunidades fronterizas y con todas aquellas personas que cada día hacen frente a los muros, físicos y virtuales, que violentan su dignidad humana y su calidad de vida. Condenamos las amenazas de Donald Trump en contra del pueblo de México.

Nos hermanamos con las comunidades musulmanas y nos oponemos a cualquier tipo de reglamentación que prohíba la entrada de personas a los Estados Unidos basada en el odio, en el racismo y la xenofobia. El intento de prohibición en contra de personas originarias de Iraq, Libia, Irán, Somalia, Sudán, Syria y Yemen, oculta las constantes guerras que ha forzado la salida de cientos de miles de personas y cuyos responsables en variadas ocasiones han sido los gobiernos estadounidenses, sin importar el color de su partido.

Hacemos un llamado a hermanarse con las mujeres y con las comunidades LGBTQ, con las personas migrantes y refugiadas, con las comunidades musulmanas, con la población afroamericana, con los pueblos indígenas, y con todas aquellas personas cuyo color de piel,  cuyo lugar de nacimiento, cuya defensa de la tierra y de los recursos naturales, cuya religión, les ha vulnerado su derecho a la vida.

Reiteramos, finalmente, que seguiremos luchando contra el entrenamiento en la Escuela de las Américas (SOA)/WHINSEC y contra la instalación de bases militares de EEUU en América Latina. Nos sumamos a los esfuerzos de quienes quieren que nuestro continente sea una zona de Paz y de Justicia.

Ni un paso atrás,

Observatorio por el Cierre de la Escuela de las Américas (SOA Watch)

Last Updated on Friday, 10 February 2017 23:55
We are hiring a Field Organizer (Part Time)/Estamos buscando unx Organizadorx de base de SOA Watch basadx en Tucson PDF Print E-mail
Written by Katherine Henao   
Tuesday, 13 December 2016 21:59

Estamos buscando Organizadorx de base de SOA Watch basadx en Tucson (tiempo parcial)

(in English below)

Trabajo de base

La/el organizadorx de base en Tucson tiene la responsabilidad de interactuar y motivar al movimiento de base en la zona fronteriza mediante la coordinación con grupos afines locales, miembrxs del consejo de SOA Watch y la base misma, para organizar eventos, reuniones de estrategia y otros proyectos que van encaminados a fortalecer y ampliar el trabajo de SOA Watch y su movimiento.

Responsabilidades también incluyen organizar y foralecer una base a través de mentorías de liderazgos locales y construcción de alianzas con grupos locales, para crear conciencia sobre el trabajo y misión de SOA Watch. Asimismo, la/el organizadorx de base tiene la responsabilidad de mobilizar la base a través de la coordinación de campañas y eventos (encuentro anual) y giras.

Campañas y coordinación de eventos

La/el organizadorx de base en Tucson es responsable de la coordinación del encuentro en la frontera. La/el organizadorx de base en Tucson también es responsible por trabajar en colaboración con el colectivo de SOA Watch para desarrollar e implementar campañas nuevas para la organización que contribuyen a la realización de su misión y prioridades organizacionales.

La coordinación de eventos y  campañas es un trabajo compartido con el consejo de SOA Watch, los varios colectivos de la organización, incluyendo al colectivo de SOA Watch, organizaciones aliadas y grupos de base.

Coordinación de oficina

La/el organizadorx de base en Tucson trabajará en colaboración con otrxs miembrxs del colectivo, pasantes y voluntarixs también basadxs en la oficina en Tucson, para asegurar que las tareas diarias de la oficina sean realizadas de manera fluida. Asimismo, La/el organizadorx de base en Tucson trabajará a distancia con el resto del colectivo para implementar el trabajo programático, al igual que participar en reuniones de equipo, conferencias y reuniones de consejo, y llamadas con el equipo de coordinación para el encuentro.


- Debe ser bilingüe (español e inglés)

- Excelente habilidades escritas y habladas

- Conocimiento de la historia de relaciones entre Estados Unidos-América Latina / Caribe, al igual que un conocimiento sobre la coyuntura actual

- una familiaridad con la historia SOA / WHINSEC y el trabajo de SOA Watch

- Un compromiso con la misión de SOA Watch.

- Un compromiso fuerte con trabajar en un movimiento de base diverso y fundamentado en la solidaridad con los pueblos de América Latina y su diáspora

- Capacidad de escucha activa

- Capacidad para interactuar con audiencias y comunidades diversas

- Capacidad y disponibilidad para viajar durante el año

- Experiencia en planear eventos

- Capacidad de trabajar de manera autónoma en un entorno con poca supervisión

- Experiencia en trabajar de manera colectiva y en consenso

- Conocimiento básico en computación. Familiaridad con WordPress, HTML, Salsa y medios sociales es una ventaja.

Las mujeres, las personas de color y personas con capacidades diferentes son alentados a aplicar.

Por favor envíe su hoja de vida, una carta explicando cuáles son las cualidades que aportaría a este puesto y 3 referencias por correo electrónico a
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

La fecha límite para postularse es el 24 de febrero de 2017.

We are hiring a Tucson-based SOA Watch Field Organizer (Part Time)

Field Organizing

The Tucson-based Field Organizer is responsible for engaging the grassroots movement in the borderlands by coordinating with local partners, members of the SOA Watch Council and the grassroots to host events, strategy meetings, and other projects that will serve to strengthen and broaden the SOA Watch movement.

Responsibilities will also include organizing and strengthening a grassroots base through mentoring local leadership and partnership with local groups to build awareness of the work and mission of SOA Watch. Similarly, the Tucson-based Field Organizer will be responsible for mobilizing the grassroots through the coordination of SOA Watch campaigns and events (eg, annual convergence) and speaking tours.

Campaign & Event Coordination

The Tucson-based Field Organizer is responsible for coordinating the annual convergence at the border. The Tucson-based Field Organizer is also responsible for working in collaboration with the SOA Watch staff collective to develop and implement new campaigns for the organization that contribute to the fulfillment of its mission and organizational priorities.

The coordination of events and campaigns is also shared with the SOA Watch Council, the various collectives of the organization including the SOA Watch staff collective, partner organizations, and the grassroots.

Office Coordination

The Tucson-based Field Organizer will work with other Tucson-based staff, volunteers and interns who come to the organization, to ensure that the day-to-day office tasks are carried out smoothly. Similarly, the Tucson-based Field Organizer will work remotely with the rest of the SOA Watch staff collective to implement programmatic work, including participation in staff collective meetings, Council calls and meetings, as well as Convergence Coordinating Team calls.


- Must be bilingual (Spanish & English)

- Excellent speaking and writing skills

- Knowledge of history of US-Latin America/Caribbean relations as well as current context & realities

- Knowledge of history and work of SOA Watch

- Active listening skills

- Ability to engage with a variety of audiences

- Ability and availability to travel throughout the year

- Experience in event planning

- Must be able to work autonomously in an environment with little supervision

- Experience in working in a collective & consensus model

- Basic computer skills. Familiarity with WordPress, HTML, Salsa and social media a plus.

Women, people of color and differently-abled persons are strongly encouraged to apply.

Please send resume, a cover letter explaining what qualities you would bring to this position, as well as 3 references by email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

The deadline for applications is February 24, 2017.

Last Updated on Monday, 13 February 2017 19:32
Call on Congress to cut US security aid to Honduras PDF Print E-mail
Written by Hendrik Voss   
Monday, 12 December 2016 19:22
Before Congress adjourns for 2016, we have one last opportunity to build support for suspending US military and security aid to Honduras, where repression of human rights defenders and social movements continues unabated.  With the US State Department certifying that the Honduran government is taking effective steps on human rights, despite continued assassinations and impunity, it is important that Congress pushes back. To date, 49 Representatives have co-sponsored the Berta Caceres Human Rights in Honduras Act, which would suspend US military and security aid to Honduras.  Can you take a moment today to call your Representative if he or she has not yet signed on and ask him/her to sponsor HR 5474, the Berta Caceres Human Rights in Honduras Act?

See if your representative has already co-sponsored the bill here: https://www.congress.gov/bill/114th-congress/house-bill/5474/cosponsors   (Need the name of your Representative?  Click here)
If not, call the Switchboard at 202-224-3121, ask to be transfered to your Representative and ask your him/her to sponsor the bill: 

"Hello, I am calling to ask Rep. _____ to sponsor HR 5474, the Berta Caceres Human Rights in Honduras Act, before the end of the year. Internationally recognized Indigenous leader Berta Caceres and other leaders have been brutally assassinated in Honduras this year.  The death threats and attacks on environmental activists, human rights leaders, journalists, and others continue today.  Please sponsor HR 5474 before this year is out to call for an end to US military aid in Honduras."

If your Representative has signed on to support the bill, call his or her office to thank them (202-224-3121):

"Hello, I am calling to thank Rep. _____ for sponsoring HR 5474, the Berta Caceres Human Rights in Honduras Act, in 2016.  The repression and death threats and attacks on environmental activists, human rights leaders, journalists, and others continue unabated in Honduras.  I hope that your office will continue to speak out for the suspension of US security aid to Honduras at every opportunity."

Let us know how your call went here.

Thank you for all your efforts to call on Congress to cut destructive US security aid to Honduras in 2016.  We look forward to continuing to work together in 2017.

Last Updated on Monday, 12 December 2016 19:29
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