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Home Facts SOA/WHINSEC Graduates Instructions for Searching the Graduate Database
Instructions for Searching the Graduate Database PDF Print E-mail
Written by Hendrik Voss   
Friday, 03 November 2000 00:00

*If you are a first-time user, we strongly recommend you read all of the instructions and explanation on this page to help ensure the most accurate results possible.

*Type the information you have or are looking for in the appropriate field ("Name", "Rank", "Course", "Date". For "Country" use the pull down menu and click the one you want.) You can search for any field individually or use multiple fields at the same time for a more specific search.

*Hit "Submit."

*Wait. Depending on the speed of your computer, it can take a few minutes to download a long results list. Patience is a virtue.

* If no names appear, then no results were found to match your entry. Check your spelling or look for alternative names (See below)

*To start another search from the results page (the list of grads found), simply hit the "Back" button on your navigation bar.

Troubleshooting: Tips for achieving the best results
*For dates, it is best to just type a year (1946 - 2003). If you need a more detailed month-by-month breakdown, it is recommended that you first search for the year, and then manually count the numbers per month. (Because of the inconsistencies detailed below, months have been transcribed in different ways that prevent a complete search by month ability.)

*When searching for a name, you will most often want to list the last name first. Try names both with and without a comma.
*Please check for each part of a person?s name, starting with the least common. For example, if you want to know if Juan Garcia Bochoa is a graduate, first type Bochoa and search. Then try Garcia and search, and so on.
*If a name has smaller parts, try variations. Example: Search for de la Portilla, dela Portilla, de Laportilla, and Delaportilla.
*Names are commonly misspelled in records or spelled differently than in the US. You may wish to try common variations for the name you are searching, like "Jhon" and "Fredy." You can search for just a part of a name.
* You can search by each field independently, or for more than one at a time. For example, you can look for all of the Castillos in El Salvador by typing "Castillo" in the "Name" field, and choosing "El Salvador" in the "Country" pull down box. Another example--if you want to see how many people took the Counter Drug course in 2002, type "Drug" in the "Course" field and "2002" in the year field.
*Some ranks and courses are in English while others are in Spanish. We transcribed exactly what was given to us by the SOA/WHINSEC.
*The system is not sensitive to accent marks or tildes (~). It will pull up both accented and non-accented versions of the name that is searched for. So in your searches you can enter letters without accents and you can enter "n" instead of "ñ"

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