U.S. Trainers Cited Possible Executions Print
WASHINGTON, Sept. 20 (AP) -- The School of the Americas, a United States military academy for Latin American officers, used training manuals that contained references to executing guerrillas and beatings as methods of obtaining information.

About two dozen of what the Pentagon called ?objectionable or dubious? phrases were in the Spanish-language manuals for intelligence operations. English translations of the manuals were made public today by the Pentagon.

The material was sent to Congress in 1991 and made known in general terms at the time, but the exact translations of the manuals were not made public then, officials said.

Release of the texts is expected to intensify calls on Capitol Hill to close the school, which was founded in 1946 and is now at Fort Benning, Ga. For several years it was in Panama.

Representative Josephy [sic] P. Kennedy 2d, Democrat of Massachusetts, and other critics have said the school is a training ground for dictators, among them the former Panamanian leaders Manuel Antonio Noriega and Omar Torrijos.

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