Notorious Graduates from Haiti Print

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Name: Colonel Gambetta Hyppolite
Country: Haiti
Dates/courses: 1959, Policia Militar para Alistados
Info: Ordered his soldiers to fire against the Provincial Electoral Bureau, 1987: During the 1987 elections, Col. Gambetta Hippolite ordered his soldiers to fire on the Provincial Electoral Bureau in Gonaives as part of a larger army campaign to "stop the democratic elections". (Americas Watch Report: Human Rights in Haiti, 1987)

Name: Colonel Franck Romain
Country: Haiti
Dates/courses: 1956, MP Officer
Info: St. Jean Bosco Massacre: On Sept. 11, 1988, armed men broke into the St. Jean Bosco church while Fr. Jean Bertrand Aristide was saying mass and killed 12 parishioners and wounded at least 77. The doused the church in gasoline and set it on fire. Witnesses identified at least two of the gang members as deputies of Col. Romain, who was then Mayor of Port-au- Prince. Col. Romain later publicly justified the massacre as legitimate. (Americas Watch Report: Human Rights in Haiti, 1987)