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Name: Captain Luis Alfredo Maurente
Country: Uruguay
Dates/courses: Attended the SOA in 1969 and 1976, with curriculum that included Military Intelligence courses
Info: Uruguay’s Justice Department sought extradition for Maurente for his involvement in the clandestine Automotores Orletti detention center, which operated in Buenos Aires, Argetina during the 1970’s. Maurente was part of the Defense Intelligence Services and, together with three other ex-military officers, faces charges for the disappearances of close to 100 Uruguayan and Argentinean citizens, kidnapping and illicit association.  
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*CPT Daniel Castella 1972, Internal Security Operations Torture, 1984: Involved in the torture and death of Vladimir Roslik. (UNM)

CPT Eduardo Ferro 1967, Cadet Orientation Torture, 1978: Involved in the arrest, torture, and interrogation of Uruguayans in Brazil. (UNM)

CPT Armando Mendez 1968, Special Cadet Course Transporting kidnapped victims: Supplied transportation for the kidnapping of Uruguayan activists in Brazil. (UNM)

CPT Eduardo Ramos 1968, Special Cadet Course Torture, 1978: Participated in the interrogation and torture of Uruguayans in Brazil. (UNM)

CPT Glauco Yannone 1970, CC-1
1976, Military Intelligence
Falsifying documents: Arranged for false documents to cover up the kidnapping, torture and interrogation of Uruguayans in Brazil. (UNM)

Information researched by Heather Dean.