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In Colombia and the Andean Region, our taxpayer money is paying to escalate a civil war, displace hundreds of thousands of civilians, strengthen a military with a horrible human rights record, damage critical bio-diversity in the Amazon basin, and more. Learn about recent events and the connections between the SOA/ WHINSEC and Colombia.
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1 USLEAP Releases Third-Annual Colombian Impunity Report
2 Gold v. Water: Greystar's Threat to Colombia
3 Why the US should not ratify FTA with Colombia
4 Breaking the Silence: LAWG/USOC report on Colombia's disappeared
5 The Impact of the SOA in Colombia
6 Death Threat against Martha Giraldo
7 Video: U.S. Military in Colombia
8 Colombian Paramilitary Confirms Collusion with SOA/WHINSEC Graduates
9 New Evidence in February 2005 Massacre Investigation
10 Colombian Senator Alleges Assassination Plot
11 U.N.: Colombia's Army Killed Civilians
12 Chiquita admits to paying Colombia terrorists
13 Bush's Brush with Latin America's Drug Lords
14 Colombian Government Is Ensnared in a Paramilitary Scandal
15 December 2006 - Delegation to Colombia
16 Colombia: Army Kills Union Leader
17 Village's Unarmed Rebellion
18 Colombian Army platoon including SOA grad kills 10 US-trained police
19 Uribe?s Undemocratic and Insecure Colombia
20 Colombian Trade Unionists and U.S. Foreign Policy
21 Take action in support of labor leaders in Colombia
22 Peace Community Leader Murdered by Army
23 Colombia?s Rural Counterinsurgency Propaganda
24 Colombia Unearthing Plight of Its 'Disappeared'
25 Colombia war crimes probe urged
26 US weighs costs of Plan Colombia
27 Drug War Fails to Dent U.S. Supply
28 San Jos? de Apartad?: News, Updates, Links and More
29 Military Triumph, Political Failure
30 Toribio Attacked
31 Colombia Paramilitary Peace Process Sags
32 Colombia fighters reject amnesty
33 Colombia 'will not try US troops'
34 War Crimes Tribunal Asks Colombia for Info
35 Cuatro d?as en busca de los cad?veres de la masacre en comunidad de paz de San Jos? de Apartad?
36 Colombia: Remembering as Resistance
37 Colombian army accused of murder after U.S. praise
38 On Colombia
39 Act in Solidarity with Colombian Health Care Workers
40 Coca-Cola in Colombia: Increased Profits, Downsized Workforce
41 All Massacres are not Alike
42 Military Violence in Colombia Continues
43 Training Colombia's Killers in the US
44 Paramilitaries in Colombia
45 12 Human Rights Activists Sit-In at Senator Durbin’s Office
46 The Life and Crimes of General Montoya Uribe
47 Colombia Solidarity Activists Arrested in Ohio for Seeking Meeting With Senator
48 Protesters Arrested After Refusal to Leave US Senator's Office
49 The SOA and Colombia
50 Only in Silence can Truth be Heard
51 British Chemical Company ICI Pulls Out of Cocaine War
52 Americans blamed in Colombia raid
53 U.S. May Be Wading into a Poisonous Quagmire
54 Fumigation Threatens Amazon, Warn Indigenous Leaders, Scientists
55 Plan Colombia's Herbicide Spraying Causing Health And Environmental Problems
56 Colombians Say US Drug Spraying Is Creating A Health Crisis
57 Bogotas link to far-right militias
58 Pentagon Trained Troops Led by Officer Accused In Colombian Massacre
59 The Risks of U.S. Aid
60 Colombian Army Tied To Abuses
61 SOA-Trained Colombian Military Cited by New State Department & Human Rights Watch Reports
62 Czar: Colombia Suffering Ignored
63 Don't aid Colombian rights abusers, U.S. urged
64 Human Rights Watch Report
65 State Department Human Rights Report on Colombia Names SOA Graduates
66 Human Rights Watch Report

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