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86 Demonstrate Against Fumigation in Colombia at Monsanto Headquarters in St. Louis PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 25 June 2001 00:00
June 25, 2001- Eighty-six people peacefully demonstrated outside of the headquarters of the Monsanto Corporation in St. Louis, Missouri today to protest fumigation in Colombia. Monsanto produces the herbicide glyphosate, or Round-Up Ultra, that is being sprayed in deadly quantities daily all over Colombia. The herbicide, which is intended to erradicate coca plants used to make cocaine, is destroying food crops, water sources, and wildlife in Colombia.

Six nonviolent protesters were arrested at the direct action when they attempted to deliver a petition to Monsanto representatives and request dialogue:

*Maureen Doyle, Colombia, MO
*Chrissy Kirckhoefer, Colombia, MO
*Jim Kalafus, Michigan
*Megan Zimmerman, Cleveland, OH
*Juliann Jakimczyk, St. Louis, MO
*Tony Hilkin, St. Louis, MO

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