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2010 Encuentro Country Updates


Movimiento por la Paz, la Soberanía y la Solidaridad entre los Pueblos

With respect to the situation of militarization in the country, the first thing to point out is that Argentina, in correspondence with its participation in Unasur, has taken interesting steps to distance itself from the military doctrines and practices of the U.S. Pentagon.  We consider very positive:

- The Argentine Minister of Defense's proposals before the Council on South American Defense;

- Soldiers are no longer being sent to the SOA (although there are complaints about police being sent to the School and two Metropolitan police recently being sent to the ILEA in El Salvador)

- The Argentine government's denouncement against foreign military bases in the region (particularly at the Cumbre de Unasur in Bariloche, August 2009);

- Making the Military Airplane Factory in Cordoba (Fábrica Militar de Aviones de Córdoba) once again state owned.  Previous governments had privatized the factory, in favor of the American company Lockeed, which is known as the principal or one of the principal providers for the Pentagon.

The problems that persist:

- The sending of Argentine troops to Haiti, as part of the Minustah.  We believe that military officers should be replaced with teachers, doctors, agriculture and construction technicians, who would help to resolve the needs of the Haitian people;

- The existence of the so-called "anti-terrorist" legislation that allows for the persecution and criminalization of social justice crusaders and politicians; obviously this implies a restriction of corresponding rights;

- With respond to militarization, the greatest problem is the existence and functioning of a large NATO military fort on the Malvinas Islands, archipelago in the South Atlantic that is illegally occupied by the British Crown, a memory of the colonial past;

- Also, we are worried that military exercises continue to be carried out with the United States armed forces.

Mopassol confronts these issues:

- Developing studies and investigations that support our claims;

- Carrying out activities that support the active participation of community organizations in the struggle for peace and struggle against imperial militarization;

- Practicing and stimulating the development of solidarity between peoples, in order to strengthen our struggles towards common goals;

- Political, cultural, and religious pluralism is one of our causes.

With such objectives, we have successfully carried out a variety of activities in recent years such as the International Seminar-Workshop about "Anti-terrorist" Laws (Buenos Aires, November 2007); the formation of a large Argentine delegation to the World Conference for Peace (Caracas, April 2008); the organization, alongside the APDH and Serpaj-AL, of the Conference About NATO, the Fourth Fleet, and the Malvinas (Buenos Aires, March 2009); and 2nd International Conference NO Bases (Buenos Aires, December 2009).

Now we are centering our efforts on the national campaign against foreign military bases, centered around the fight for decolonization of the Malvinas and the dismantling of the NATO fort on our islands.  We are also contributing to the continental campaign for a Latin America free of foreign military bases.  We have great hope in these campaigns.  In this sense, the inclusion of a point about the abolition of foreign military bases in the so-called World Referendum at the Peoples' World Conference about Climate Change (Cochabamba, April 2010), has been a great motivator for us.  We are promoting these campaigns and the Referendum.

With regards to our weaknesses, I see above all two items:

- The difficulties in securing finances for our activities;

- The projection of our efforts into mass media

What can we do together?

I think that we could make easier our exchange of information, around themes of common interest.

I also think that we should/must continue our collaboration with respect to the SOA.

I think that the continental campaign against foreign military bases offers an important opportunity to take action together.  And working together we could support the Referendum about Climate Change.


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