Cheryl Ann Irving - 2010 Encuentro Local Updates Print

2010 Encuentro Local Updates


SOA Watch Activist

Here is a brief overview of what my foundation, Los Abrazos Para Los Ninos Colombianos has done in my community of Groveport to educate our friends, families, and neighbors.

First, as a Groveport Madison High School French and Spanish teacher, I initiate our Freshman foreign language students in social justice by using the films, Hotel Rwanda, Romero, The Four Roses of December, Roberto Clemente, and Cesar Chavez. Secondly, my Spanish students collect donated stuffed animals to give to the Wayuu Imdiam children of the Guajira, Colombia.

I also show these same films to local church groups as well as speak about the SOAW and efforts close the SOA.

I am well known for my brief time in jail here to protest Plan Colombia. I travel to Colombia every summer break to make a presence and be a "voice for the voiceless."