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Freedom for Honduran Campesino Leader and Political Prisoner Jose Isabel Morales PDF Print E-mail
In early February, we had the opportunity to travel with Father Ismael Moreno, who spoke at the SOA Watch Vigil this past November, to the Penitentiary where Jose ‘Chavelo’ Isabel Morales is being held prisoner. He is a campesino from the Aguan region of Honduras, where over 80 campesinos have been murdered and many more repressed and criminalized.  This 'war on peasants' has intensified since the 2009 SOA-graduate led coup. 

As a result of Honduras’ dysfunctional legal system in which powerful interests can matter more than facts, Chavelo is in prison without any credible evidence that he committed a crime. In July, after being held for almost 4 years without a sentence – a violation of Honduran law -- Chavelo was sentenced to 20 more years during a hearing that neither he nor his lawyers were informed of. Sign the petition for Chavelo's freedom here.

Chavelo shared with us how hard it is to be away from his family and to know that his small children are going hungry because he is not there to provide for them. Watch a video of Chavelo here. He has lost sight in one eye and has had to sleep with the guards due to death threats and attempts on his life. His 1 ½ year old daughter and his father both died while he was being held without a sentence and he was not able to attend the funerals. Now, Chavelo’s only hope for freedom and returning to his family is that the Honduran Supreme Court take up his case. 

On February 25, Honduran social movements will embark on a 10-day march calling for Chavelo's freedom along with the repeal of the new mining and model cities laws.  Join your voices with theirs by signing this petition for Chavelo’s freedom that will be delivered to the Supreme Court.
Radio Progreso, a Jesuit radio station in Honduras run by Father Ismael Moreno, published a powerful editorial on the fourth anniversary of Chavelo's imprisonment, calling for his immediate freedom. Read it here.


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