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Call Congress: US Funding Honduran police with alleged death squad ties PDF Print E-mail

A March 23, 2013, Associated Press article "US Aids Honduran Police Despite Death Squad Fears" exposes that the United States is funding Honduran police units under the command of Honduran National Police Chief Col. Juan Carlos Bonilla, who has been "accused of three extrajudicial killings and links to 11 more deaths and disappearances" and "social cleansing," despite the fact that the State Department has assured Congress that money only goes to specially vetted units that are not under his direct supervision.  What the AP article reveals contradicts what the State Department has told Congress and violates the Leahy law.  Read the AP article here.

Call your Congressional representative and ask that they stop all police and military aid to Honduras and that they contact the State Department to demand to know why the U.S. is funding Honduran police units with alleged ties to death squad activity, despite assurances otherwise.

Call the Congressional Switchboard at 202-224-3121 and ask for your representative.  Find your Congressional Representative here. Once you get your representative's office, ask to speak with a foreign policy aide. Here's a sample comment:

“My name is ____ and I live in your district in [your city or town]. I am calling to urge [your Representative] to contact the State Department regarding recent revelations by the Associated Press that the United States continues to fund police units under the control of Col. Juan Carlos Bonilla, who has been credibly accused of three extrajudicial killings that occurred in 2002, and links to 11 more deaths and disappearances. The United States must immediately stop funding all Honduran police units; they all operate under Police Chief Bonilla. Furthermore, given extensive and persistent corruption, human rights violations including “social cleansing,” attacks on Afro-indigenous and peasant communities, and failed anti-drug strategies of Honduran security forces, the State Department and other US agencies must zero out all police and military assistance and cooperation, and must fundamentally recast US policy in Honduras.”


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