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On April 25th, hundreds of campesinos (small farmers) gathered for the exhumation of a clandestine grave found on the Paso Aguan plantation in Honduras by Guatemalan forensic experts. The remains were identified as Jose Antonio Lopez Lara by his wife, who recognized the boots, hat, and bag that were buried with the skeleton.  He is just one of almost 100 campesinos who have been murdered in the Bajo Aguan region since the 2009 SOA-graduate led coup.  Jose Antonio disappeared a year ago, when he left his home one morning to go fishing and never returned.  Read more about Jose Antonio´s disappearance here.

Before his disappearance, Jose Antonio had been threatened by armed security guards of Miguel Facusse, Honduras' largest landowner whose Dinant Corporation is at the center of the land conflict in the Bajo Aguan.  At the time of his disappearance, the Paso Aguan farm was patrolled by Facusse's security guards, who have been implicated in the murders of campesinos.  Numerous human rights violations by Dinant security guards, who often act in tandem with the police and SOA-graduate commanded military forces in the area have been documented in this recent Rights Action report.

Shortly after the 2009 military coup, the World Bank gave Facusse's Dinant Corporation the first $15 million of a $30 million loan.  The World Bank's Ombudsman is auditing the loan following a brief filed by NGOs but there is no indication they will withdraw it. Take action: Urge the World Bank to cancel its $30 million loan to Facusse's Dinant Corporation.

Read more about the exhumation here.

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