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Ask your Senator to sign onto the Cardin Letter about Honduras PDF Print E-mail

On Thursday, May 23, 2013, U.S. Senator Cardin (D-MD) circulated a Senate sign-on "Dear Colleague" letter to Secretary of State John Kerry addressing deepening concerns about Human Rights and the Rule of Law in Honduras.

The letter states that violence and impunity for state security forces in Honduras has reached intolerable levels and cites concerns related to extrajudicial killings, linkages to death squads, and increasing militarization of civilian law enforcement. The letter also raises the concern that State Department certifications intended to ensure that U.S. foreign aid supports the rule of law in Honduras may contradict the reality on the ground.

The letter asks State Department to:
*provide Congress with a detailed assessment of the efficacy of current Honduran government efforts to address this issue as mandated by FY12 Appropriations language; 
*conduct a detailed review of specific State Department actions to help ensure that no U.S. funds are being used to support police implicated in human rights violations; and
*make every reasonable effort to help ensure that Honduras' upcoming November 2013 elections are free, fair and peaceful.

Call your Senators' Washington DC office and ask them to sign onto this letter.  Here is how:

The Senate Switchboard number is (202) 224- 3121.  Ask for your Senator's Office
(If you do not know the names of your Senators, please go to http://www.senate.gov/general/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm

When you call, ask to speak with the aide who handles foreign policy.  You can use the script below in speaking with the aide. If the foreign policy aide is not is not available, ask to leave a message on his or her answering machine.  Be sure to ask for the name and email address of the foreign policy staffer so you can follow up.

Script:  “My name is _____.  I am a constituent from (town / city) in (your state).  I am calling to ask Senator _____ to sign the Benjamin Cardin letter on Human Rights and the Rule of Law in Honduras.  Has Senator _­___ seen this letter?  Can I count on him/her to sign on?   Please call me this week at (_your phone number_) to let me know if you have seen the letter, and if Senator _____ will sign it.”     

The deadline to sign on is Friday, June 14 at 5:00 PM.  Only U.S. Senators can sign the letter. 

To sign on to the letter (or if the staffer wishes a copy of the letter), he/she must contact staffer Algene Sajery or Nate Somers in Senator Cardin’s office (please do not contact Cardin’s staff yourself, but ask the staffer to do so).


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