Honduran Military Police: "What search warrant, here we can do whatever we want." Print

On October 10 at 5am, the Military Police forced their way into the house of union leader Marco Antonio Rodríguez, Vice-President of SITRAPANI (the National Child Welfare Agency Workers Union).  Rodriguez is also an active member of LIBRE, the new political party formed out of the Honduran resistance movement to the coup. The hooded Military Police were accompanied by people in civilian clothing.  The Military Police forcibly removed Marco Antonio and his son from the house with guns pointed at their heads, forced them to lay face down in the street, and handcuffed them.  When he asked for a search warrant, the Military police responded "what search warrant, here we can do whatever we want."

His wife and daughter were taken from the house and forced to face a neighbor's wall and threatened if they moved.  After about an hour, during which the Military Police were alone inside his house, his wife was taken back to the house, interrogated, and a woman in civilian clothes forced her to sign a document that she was not allowed to read.

The Military Police are a newly created force in Honduras, in addition to the regular military and police forces that already patrol much of the country. They were deployed to the streets this October, in advance of the November 24th preseidential elections, and with only a few weeks on the street already have a shown a pattern of targeting political opposition to the current regime. The Military Police are a project of Juan Orlando Hernandez, the current head of the Honduran Congress and ruling party Presidential candidate.  As the elections get closer and closer, the persecution of LIBRE activists and candidates as well as journalists and social movement leaders speaking out against the current regime in Honduras, continues to intensify.

The timing of the raid on Marco Antonio Rodriguez's house was just days before formal charges were made by the Special Prosecutor for Human Rights against National Child Welfare Agency officials for abuse of authority and discrimination against union leaders.  On Oct 11, the day after this raid by the Military Police, Pedro Elvir, the former President of SITRAPANI, who has also received constant threats, encountered armed armed men as he was driving.  A few months ago, Pedro survived a murder attempt when a man shot at him several times after he participated in a resistance march.  Following that, screws were removed from his tires to provoke an accident.

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