Irregularities in Voting Certificates posted on TSE Website need investigation Print

The election results announced by Honduras' Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) have received serious criticism alleging the changing of the numbers on the voting certificates (actas) that were transmitted to the TSE from the voting stations in order for the TSE results to favor the National party's Juan Orlando Hernandez, whose party currently controls the government, and take votes away from opposition leader Xiomara Castro of Libre who was leading in the polls for much of this year.  Here is one blatent example, which was among several descrepancies documented in a Honduran newspaper and even still it has not be corrected:

Acta #14233 shows on the original handwritten document that has been scanned that Xiomara Castro received the most votes, with 107 votes.  The electronic TSE summary on the side gives Xiomara Castro only 7 votes, robbing her of 100 votes and putting her in last place among the major candidates.

Other problems have to do with the falsification of actas, alleging that the "original" documents posted by the TSE were falsified, whether by the TSE or by National Party controlled table workers at the voting stations before being transmitted to the TSE.  The selling of table credentials from smaller parties to the National Party has been well documented and enabled the National Party activists to control the vote recording at some locations.  Still another strategy was to force Libre table workers out of the polls, threaten Libre table workers at gunpoint, and kidnap other Libre workers. Below are several examples of suspicious actas, just from the municipality of El Paraiso in the state of Copan, in western Honduras, that should be investigated:

Acta #2711 shows 97% voter turnout.  360 out of 371 people on the voter rolls supposedly voted, which is suspicious given that the European Union Election Observer Mission found that 30% of the voter roles are people who are dead or have migrated.  Conveniently, all the votes were for Juan Orlando Hernandez, the ruling National Party candidate who the TSE declares to have won, with the exception of 3 votes.  If you believe this acta, not a single person at this voting table voted for Libre, Pac, or the Liberal party, all major parties in Honduras that received significant votes nationwide. 

Acta #2686 shows 96% voter turnout, including 277 votes for Juan Orlando and 0 for Xiomara Castro. The Libre table worker for this acta was threatened at gunpoint and had to leave the polling station.  Read his testimony here.

According to Acta #2685 posted on the TSE site, 100% of the votes are for the National Party, meaning that every single person there voted for Juan Orlando Hernandez.  No votes for any other party, despite their being 8 presidential candidates.  Notably, this acta is only signed by 4 people as opposed to the normal 7-16 people, meaning it could easily be falsified. 

Similarly for Acta #2688, every single person except 1 supposedly voted for Juan Orlando.  Again it is only signed by 4 people.  Both this and the above acta are from the same voting center.  At that entire voting center (Escuela Minerva), out of a total of 1,154 votes there are only 2 votes recorded for Libre.  Three of the four actas show 0 votes for Libre and have only 4 signatures.  The fourth acta at this voting station is also suspicious, having 95% of people listed voting, suggesting again that dead people voted or ballot stuffing occured.  292 of the 294 votes reported are given to Juan Orlando.   

At a different voting center, #2693, 100% of the votes for the National Party.  Again, very few signatures. 

According to acta #2681, 99% of the votes reported were for the National Party.  There are also 27 Null votes recorded, which is abnormaly high.  Null votes are ballots which are thrown out because it wasn't clear who the person voted for.  It has been alleged that vote counters marked extra marks on ballots for Libre to make them not count. 

Acta #2692 also has an extremely high number of null votes: 33 Null votes out of 174 votes cast meaning 19% votes were nullified.  Only 2 votes were tallied for Xiomara, a few others, and 135 for Juan Orlando. 

These examples show the extreme level of control exercised by the National Party in some areas of the country, whether it be by falsifying actas before or after submitting them to the TSE, credential buying to enable votes to be miscounted or thrown out as null, or generating votes via vote buying, intimidation, threats of lost employment, and other techniques.