Films about Berta Caceres Print

Interested in sharing or watching a film about the struggle and legacy of Berta Caceres?

Here are a few options:

Guardiana de los Rios (Guardian of the Rivers).  Documentary produced by Radio Progreso and ERIC.  Spanish with english subtitles.  1 hour 6 minutes

Honduras: Blood and the Water. Documentary about Berta Caceres and investigation of her assassination by Al Jazeera Faultlines.  English version. 25 minutes

Berta Vive. ¨Berta Lives¨documentary about Berta, her murder, and her legacy.  Spanish with english subtitles.  Terco Productions. 30 minutes

Mother of All Rivers. Documentary about Berta and the struggle against the Agua Zarca Dam.  English.  Produced by Mill Valley Film Group, narrated by Robert Redford, screened at several film festivals.  9 minutes.

Berta Caceres Goldman Environmental Prize Acceptance Speech.  Spanish with english subtitles   3 minutes

Berta Caceres, Guardiana de los Rios. Significant interview with Berta.  Spanish with english subtitles.  Mesoamerican Women Human Rights Defenders Initiative.  13 minutes