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The still vigent : the Mexico - Chile connection PDF Print E-mail
This past October, Father Roy Bourgeois accompanied by a group of commited professors, community members and activists from across the United States and Latin America led the fifth SOAW delegation to Chile. The delegates main mission was to request an official withdrawal of chilean trops from the school of assassins WHINSEC/SOA, for which its graduates have caused so much harm specially to chilean people during the chilean dictatorship under Augusto Pinochet.

The SOAW delegation to Chile this past October was a proof of the still importance of the movement to thriving to close the SOA and the many school of the Americas around the United States.

Throughout nine days, the delegates participated in (various) intense activities from meetings with government authorities such as the ministry of defense  (_____Nombre) --- (Foto), and the diputy Tucapel Jimenez whose father was murdered by a SOA graduate to join the march/protest of (Mapuche Day) and led the protest in Furte Aguayo where the U.S since ____ has installated a military base under the discourse of  peace actions.

Through out a still painful history of forced dissapearences, torture, and executions chileans have experienced first hand the brutal and never forgiving (costo que nunca podrá ser saldado) cost of having an army trained by the United States.

However, the most recent U.S military interventions in other parts of the continent have proven that despite the logic of the cold war being "dead" on the surface, it is still alive as now new "internal enemies" are being identified as a threat to our wrongly called "national securiry" to justify the militarization of our countries.

Mexico is now living Chile's past, as the forced dissapearences, the torture and the executions at the hands of securirty forces which are being trained and financed by the United States under the Merida Initiative. That unforgettable past is a vivid and latent reality, which happens in the present. The history of U.S intervention is repeating itself. (estamos perdiendo mas vidas)

The SOAW delegation to Chile proved the unplayable debt that the U.S still has with chilean people.

(have become a permanent sistematic/ se han convertido en una practica sistematica permanente e impune)

So what are we doing now, for history to don't repeat itself?

Join action / ask your representatives to Stop Plan merida


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