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Our Abya Yala, our continent of hope, of mature and fertile land, began the 21st century with the political consolidation of social and popular movements – which resulted in progressive and leftist governments in Central and South America — strengthening the epistemological shift and the civilizing paradigm of the ideologies born in the south… hope in movement.

The global fight against neoliberalism, which is nourished by our lands, consolidates itself in the middle of a worldwide crisis of the capitalist system.  As young people, we are the protagonists of change as we advance in the construction of critical views of the hegemonic political systems and create alternatives of popular power.

How do we break out of singular perspectives of what to do?  And how to do it?  As active actors in the transformation of our realities, we unite as sisters and brothers in multiple struggles, building broad and diverse social movements that come together in the defense of Mother Earth, the promotion and defense of territorial autonomy, and the exercise of political sovereignty based in the affirmation of human rights and the rights of peoples. We bring solidarity as our base and the aspiration of a continental integration as our banner.

In Mataquescuintla, Guatemala, we dream to meet as sisters and brothers in March of 2016, as young delegates from the 35 countries of our America (Remember Jose Marti) so we can advance and consolidate the construction of a continental social movement that can respond to the deadly threat of the makers of war and their economic and ideological system.  So we can explore the challenges we have as peoples to advance towards an authentic defense of nature, the promotion of el Buen Vivir, and the affirmation of autonomy and popular continental sovereignty  for life.

This is also an opportunity to strengthen the network of We Are One America Abya Yala as a continental platform for communication.  This started in 2014 in Sanare, Venezuela (where some of us met for the first time at the Rooted in Resistance, Planting Sovereignty Encuentro) to build critical views of our peoples’ realities, share our information, and create networks and trust as sisters and brothers.

For our encuentro, as in the 5th Abya Yala Peoples Continental Summit, we evoke Indigenous and native peoples of the continent as a shinning light for our common journey.  Just as the sacred birds of our territories took flight to be together,  from the south with Condor and from the north with the Eagle, to reach the land of the Quetzal in the middle of our continent. We want to be witnesses to this mystical encounter.


Based on our capacity for autonomy as people, the convening organizations commit to provide the participants with food and a place to stay during the Encuentro, as well as transportation from Guatemala City to Mataquescuintla and back.  We are hoping that young leaders from the 35 countries of our Americas can arrive by their own means to Guatemala, ” the place or country of many trees.”

The first phase of the convocation for the Encuentro  is the online application and email to the Continental Encuentro. For 3 months, we’ll receive applications of possible participants with a letter of purpose, a review of their organizational process, and how one will participate in the joint construction of the encuentro.

During the three months of receiving applications they will be evaluated and reviewed to see if they gather a cross section of young people from the 35 countries of our Abya Yala. If not we will strengthen our contacts with the goal of at least one delegate per country. The selection of participants by the convening team will be made according to relevance and representation of each country under the social reality of the continent. For example, a country with larger population or diversity of struggles can expect to have a higher number of participants.

We will seek and promote that all participants travel to the Encuentro by their own means, however we will evaluate in some cases if we can contribute partial travel subsidies, according to the realities of the countries or the organizations. We are particularly thinking of those who will travel from the Carribean of South America. We also hope that organizations with economic resources or capacity to fundraise can finance other sister organizations on the continent.

We begin with the principles of fraternity and commitment of the participants to our autonomous and collaborative building of the thematic and political development of the Encuentro and the capacity to take active roles in the preparation and methodology of the Encuentro.

How to register

Complete the online form: http: //www.123contactform.com/form-1597402/Formulario-Encuentro-Guatemala-2016.

Send an e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with a maximum of 500 words about your motivations and concrete contributions to the continental meeting including the thematic axis you would develop and the type of presentation at the encuentro according to the proposed methodology.

Be willing to be in active electronic communication to collectively build the Encuentro agenda and your possible participation.

Organized by:

Somos una América-Abya Yala

Directorio Popular (Guatemala)

Movimiento Victoriano Lorenzo (Panamá)

AJODER (Guatemala)

Colectivo Agrario Abya Yala (Colombia)

SoaWatch Observatorio para el cierre de la Escuela de las Américas(Movimiento continental con presencia en el Sur, centro y Norte América)


Contact us

SOA Watch
733 Euclid Street NW
Washington, DC 20001

phone: 202-234-3440
email: info@soaw.org