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Letter of Apology for Lack of Provisions PDF Print E-mail
Hello and good day to one and all… This is a proposal developed for the express intent to be “HAND” delivered to the base commander of Ft. Benning, GA. This document carries the hope of establishing a means of peaceful CO-operation to facilitate a proactive solution to open the doors of communication to achieve a measured degree of closure for all parties concerned. This is by no means the final step, but an integral beginning of an ongoing effort to achieve peaceful resolution in our lifetime. This document also carries with it the hope of being reworked into a version that can be accepted as a NEW BILL that one day, could be introduced to Congress. This document also carries the hope of providing the dialog necessary to apply for specific federal funds to achieve these and other specifically related goals. Thank you all for your time and consideration. Peace, be unto you. Your humble servant of Global Peace, Ozone Bhaguan P.S. Please contact us directly to continue a discussion and further courses of action. Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; Phone: 1-218-724-2054
We the undersigned, Hereby grant the bearer our sincere regret and most humble apologies in our effort to reach a peaceful cooperation and mutual understanding. We the undersigned, Hereby wish to apologize for our current inability to provide and develop adequate means to promote these following and continuing goals.

Article 1: Goals and Visions of A New Range Curriculum:
…Whereby introducing and maintaining clear and concise alternatives to promote non-violent humanitarian curriculum to, in and throughout this institute and other military installations.

Article 2: Goals and Visions of New Occupations:
…Whereby engineering and maintaining sustainable; Volunteer and commissioned service positions to Assist and promote humanitarian Aid and Non-violent support with the express purpose to relive the burden of command of the current officers and other graduates.

Article 3: Goals and Visions of New Funds:
…Whereby generating and maintaining abundant resources to promote the means necessary for proper reparation, rehabilitation and reconciliation of the victims of consequences of this and other military institutes.

Article 4: Goals and Visions of New Accountability:
…Whereby supervising and directing by non-violent experts to maintain valid, sustainable methods and procedures to provide accurate investigative accountability of prior and current graduates' conduct and their direct consequences.

Article 5: Goals and Visions of New Institutes:
…Whereby building and restructuring re-education facilities, protocols and criteria to instruct and measure expertise in humanitarian service for the express purpose of re-evaluation and monitor possible violations that can be immediately subject to corrective measures.

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