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Take Action: SOAW Prisoner Denied Medical Treatment PDF Print E-mail
Jesse Carr is a 21 year old human rights activist who is currently serving a 3 month sentence for crossing the line at the annual November vigil/action protesting the SOA-WHISC. He has been unable to receive medical treatment since his self-report date of April 8th. Jesse is a transgender person, undergoing regular hormone treatment. He is scheduled to receive a testosterone injection every 2 weeks. On April 14 he was transferred from Alderson PFC to Danbury PFC, ostensibly in order to receive such treatment. Since arriving he has not received any injections because the necessary Pre-Sentencing Investigation (PSI) and medical records have not appeared at Danbury. He met with a doctor who was very helpful and respectful but simply does not have the paperwork to order the medication. Days of repeated requests and phone calls have brought no results. Because the transfer from Alderson to Danbury occurred for medical reasons, it is unconscionable that he be denied his medically necessary hormone therapy any longer. Jesse is unusually lucky to have an advocacy network outside of prison that is willing to fax, call and write on his behalf, unlike thousands of federal inmates in the US. Please help us to support Jesse and to do all that we can to ensure that he receives his doctor prescribed medication as soon as possible. The prison's ignorance of any inmate's prescription medication is totally outrageous and unacceptable. We must hold the prison system accountable for this grave violation of Jesse’s rights, the rights of all inmates, and specifically the rights of transgender inmates. To advocate for Jesse's records to arrive at Danbury and for the immediate continuation of his prescription medication, please contact the following two people ASAP: Warden Kuma Deboo Danbury Federal Prison Camp Fax: 203-312-5110 Phone: 203-743-6471 33 1/2 Pembroke Road Danbury, CT 06811 Director M.E. Ray B.O.P. Northeast Regional Office Fax: 215-521-7476 Phone: 215-521-7300 U.S. Custom House, 7th Floor 2nd & Chestnut Streets Philadelphia, PA 19106 In all communications, you must include Jesse's full name and inmate number: Jessica Carr #91389-020. Faxes are the quickest and therefore most effective, phone calls are very frustrating because they are unlikely to go through, and letters are very important but take days. That said, please contact the two above people in any way(s) as soon as you are able. Despite Jesse’s identification as transgender, the prison system regards him as a woman because that is his current legal gender designation. Using the "he" pronoun to recognize Jesse’s gender identity and using the "she" pronoun to possibly create less confusion for prison officials who only know Jesse by his legal gender are both effective ways to support Jesse, as is using non-gender specific pronouns. We urge you to use whatever gender pronoun(s) that you choose to in your support of Jesse. ___________________________________________ SAMPLE FAX April 30, 2003 Dear Warden (or Regional Director) _______, I am writing to ask you to make sure that Jessica Carr, an inmate in the Danbury Federal Prison Camp (BOP# 91389-020), is given the correct doctor prescribed medication, the hormone testosterone. I understand that the medication is already overdue, so please ensure that this medical situation is resolved as soon as possible. (Then, please include as much information as you are able to about Jesse's missing PSI and medical records. The first few lines -- as above -- are key and must contain Jesse's name, inmate # and the phrase "doctor prescribed medication." Longer faxes may be taken more seriously than those of only 2-3 sentences, but all together they will be helpful nonetheless.) Sincerely (or something more creative), Your Name ___________________________________________ SAMPLE LETTER Re: Jessica Carr (#91389-020) April 30, 2003 Dear Warden (or Regional Director) _______, I am writing to you regarding FPC Danbury inmate Jessica Carr (#91389-020) and her overdue doctor prescribed medication. Carr was transferred from her original assignment at FPC Alderson, WV to the FPC Danbury, CT almost immediately after she self-reported on April 8th. Carr was told that this facility transfer to FPC Danbury occurred for medical reasons. Yet, currently – and for the last three weeks – Carr has been unable to receive medical care she needs at Danbury. Why? This lapse in treatment has occurred because her medical records and PSI have not yet been received by FPC Danbury. They have gone missing – lost somewhere between West Virginia and Connecticut. Where are they? How can it be that any prison does not have medical records for any inmate at any time? Particularly in a case like this in which the inmate is under medical care, including prescribed treatments? Carr is a transgender person, undergoing regular hormone treatment – she is scheduled to receive a testosterone shot every 2 weeks. Before being transferred from Alderson, she was told that her doctor prescribed medication was already ordered, prior to her arrival. Because of this, it was unclear why she was transferred to Danbury at all. However, because the transfer from Alderson to Danbury occurred for medical reasons, it is unconscionable that she be denied her doctor prescribed medication any longer. Carr has already missed one scheduled shot. The next shot is scheduled for Monday, May 5th. Missing shots is detrimental to her health. Please do everything in your power to help locate Carr’s medical records and PSI. Please act to provide Carr access to her doctor prescribed medication as soon as possible. Sincerely, Your Name

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