SOAW 5 on Trial Print

September 17, 2012 has been set as the trial date for Amber Mason, Becca Polk, Kevin Mason, Maia Rodriguez (right, during her arrest) and Father Roy Bourgeouis, five of the 13 SOA Watch activists who were arrested as they demonstrated their opposition to the SOA and U.S. militarization in the streets of Washington, DC in April 2012. The remaining eight human rights activists have had to pay fines and do community service (including more than 40 hours donated to SOA Watch).

The spirited parade was the culmination of a week of trainings, workshops, music and lobbying. The activists, hailing from all across the country, were arrested by police when they insisted on their right to march together with hundreds of human rights advocates in front of the office buildings of the House of Representatives on Capitol Hill. Police on foot, horse bicycle, motorcycle and in vehicles prohibited their free passage, limiting SOA Watch activists' abilities to be seen and heard by congressional staff. They arrested 13 human rights activists, and charged them with "blocking passage."