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Katie Bjorkman PDF Print E-mail
Yes, I am guilty of trespassing onto the property of Ft. Benning and that is why I am present in this courtroom.
Yet, what you don?t recognize is that I?m also being punished for following my heart, for committing an act of love, of conscience, of peace, hope, and freedom. My heart, mind and soul have commanded me to act out in opposition to the great injustice that continues each and every day that this school, no matter what one calls it, exists. I cannot ignore these great feelings as it is of great importance in my life to always follow my heart and my convictions. To ignore my deepest yearnings is to commit a true crime and so in that sense, I am also guilty.

If we all followed the inherent goodness within everyone?s hearts, like my fellow brothers and sisters in this cause, the world would be a most beautiful place. Free from the horrors of violence, greed, evil, power, hate, oppression and so much else. And when it happens, you and I and the world will dance together on streets paved with true justice and peace. Love and joy will flow from our hearts. People will laugh without fear, worship in peace, and live with smiles as abundant as money. The earth will sing with gratitude as will the heavens as they open their gates to all. Your honor, it will be a beautiful place and when it comes, I will be delighted to share with you, learn from you, hug and rejoice with you, and we will surely dance on those streets of justice. But until this time, this great change, this revoluci?n, we?ll have to agree to disagree. I will have to face the consequences of following my heart.

And so as I stand here awaiting my sentence, all I ask is that you follow the goodness that I know exists deep within your heart.


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