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Updated November 4, 2004

Twenty-three defendants were sentenced to time in prison in January of 2004 by Magistrate G. Mallon Faircloth. Of those, seventeen opted to "self-report." Fifteen reported on April 6th, and two reported on June 22nd. Their addresses can be found below.

One defendant, Fr. Ben Jimenez, S.J., was sentenced but then immediately released with time served, as he opted to stay in jail since his arrest on November 23.

Five defendants entered jail immediately following their trials. One, Br. Mike O'Grady, S.J., was released on Thursday, February 26. He was recently interviewed by the Cincinnati City Beat. The other four - Gary Ashbeck, Fr. Joe Mulligan, Eric Robison, and Michael Walli - were held in Muscogee County Jail until approximately February 23, when they were moved to the Harris County (Georgia) Jail, about 25 miles north of Columbus.

Fr. Joe Mulligan and Michael Walli were released on Friday, April 23rd. The two vigiled for several hours at the gates of Ft. Benning on the afternoon of their release. Read Fr. Mulligan's press statement about the vigil and coverage of it in the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer . Common Dreams published an article written by Fr. Mulligan during his incarceration. He also wrote an op-ed piece that was published in The Miami Herald.

Gary Ashbeck and Eric Robison were moved from Jones (Georgia) County Jail around March 23 to USP Atlanta and then spent several weeks in transit. Gary Ashbeck was released on Friday, May 21st from FPC Schuylkill, and Eric Robison was released on Friday, July 23rd from Sheridan FPC in Oregon.

In July nine other POC's were released from federal prison after serving three month sentences. The nine are Leisa Barnes, Scott Diehl, Faith Fippinger, Alice Gerard, Kathy Kelly, Peg Morton, Ozone O'Leary (4 months), Greg Poferl and Bernie Survil.

Craig Adams and Shirley Way completed their sentences in late September, and in early October, Don Beisswenger, Cynthia Brinkman, David Corcoran, Betsy Lamb and Rich Wekerle were released. The Tennessean did an article about Don's release from prison.

The last November 2003 line-crosser in prison, Father Jerry Zawada was finally released from prison in early November 2004.