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Ozone's Court Statement PDF Print E-mail
Your Honor, Good Morning. My name is Ozone Bhaguan, a disciple of the Maha Devi Ascension Movement. I stand before this court at a time when our nation is in great peril. To this day, our nation continues to impose violence and the exportation of torture throughout the world. The actions of the American government's failed foreign policy are completely and utterly unacceptable to the people of my community as their actions do not represent our interests.

I stand before this court today to commemorate the anniversary of the murders of six Jesuit Priests, their housekeeper and her daughter at San Salvador University in November of 1989 in El Salvador. I stand before this court today to commemorate the murders of four Maryknoll sisters, They took Sister Maura Clark and Sister Ita Ford, Maryknoll nuns; Sister Dorothy Kazel, an Ursuline nun from Cleveland; and Jean Donovan, a lay worker from Westport, Conn., to a remote spot, where they raped, shot and killed them. For these reasons, and other grievous war crimes, I stand before this court today to demand the immediate closure of the SOA/WHINSEC.

I stand before this court today to demand that an Judicial injunction be made to suspend all military operations worldwide until a congressional review be conducted in preparation for trial in a International Court for the severe extent of war crimes perpetuated my this nation. I stand before this court to today to express that my intentions for the presence on the base was to deliver the message of a petition of apology as outlined in the submitted “Lack of Provisions” document. I'd like to make a motion to dismiss all of our cases, on the grounds that you, Your Honor, can work for justice as an officer of the peace, by setting a precedence so that you can begin the mitigation of your own personal karma. If I am guilty of any crime it would be that of telling the truth, following my heart and listening to my consciousness. I would, Your Honor, ask you to consider doing the same.

Sentencing statement:

At this time, I wish to inform this court that I have adopted a life of relative poverty and by doing so, it allows my efforts to be shared with the catholic worker community in Duluth MN. I would like to remind this court the distinction between punitive justice and restorative justice. By stating the obvious, the SOA is still under operation and until it permanently closed. I will continue my efforts irregardless of ineffective punitive punishment. In its stead, I would suggest that this court consider an approach of restorative justice where as, I be ordered to continue my efforts to advocate for the victims of the torture this school provides and mitigate the direct impact of out failed foreign polices by dealing with the homeless and marginalized in my community as a form of a life long commitment to public service. Thank you, Your Honor.

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