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Translation of a letter to Carol Richardson from a returned refugee community in Guatemala PDF Print E-mail
Dear Carol Richardson:

We send you cordial greetings from our community, hoping that you are well. We hope that your important efforts will succeed.

1. We have heard the news of the actions taken against the School of the Americas protestors.

2. All of us who live here in Copal AA La Esperanza wish to express our solidarity and moral support for you and the other members of SOA Watch. Your struggle is important to us because it helps put an end to the military scourge that has caused us so much harm throughout our history. The Guatemalan officials who have studied at the SOA have come back to our country to practice genocide and ethnicide against our people.

3. We are survivors of this policy of genocide practiced by Guatemalan officials who were trained and indoctrinated at the SOA to carry out the cowardly extermination of their own sisters and brothers. We lived through this sad history in our own flesh during the 1980’s during the most recent bitter holocaust survived by the Guatemalan indigenous Mayans. That is why we share in your struggle. We urge you to continue your efforts, and we support the just struggle of U.S. solidarity groups against the military establishment.

4. We urge you to keep on moving forward and not to become discouraged. Your struggle is based on the reality of our peoples. The military training provided by the SOA has only caused pain, grief, terror and the destruction of our people. Much blood has been spilled as a result of the ineffective and unjust practices of the military.

Finally, we would like to say that we have the utmost respect for you and we are in solidarity with you in the hope that one day we will reach our longed-for goals to benefit all humanity.

Long live international solidarity!

The people of Copal AA are present in the struggle to close the School of the Americas.

Signatures of the people of Copal AA:


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