Bay Area Clergymen Meet with Representative Nancy Pelosi's Office before their Trial in Georgia Print

Michal Bass, SOAWatch, Frs. Vitale and O'Donnell and Dan Bernal reading Nancy Pelosi's statement replying to SOAWatch Declaration.

Fr. Louis Vitale and Fr. Bill O?Donnell, just days before their trial for trespassing on the grounds of the Western Hemisphere Institution for Security Cooperation (WHISC), met in Rep. Nancy Pelosi?s office with members of her staff to plead for her support on HR 1810, a bill that calls for the closure of the SOA/WHISC and the establishment of a joint congressional task force to assess U.S. training of Latin American military. They presented a declaration of protest and condemnation of the SOA/WHISC.

Fr. Vitale, from the St. Boniface Church in San Francisco, and Fr. O?Donnell, from St. Joseph the Workman Church in Berkeley, are among 35 other protestors going to trial in Georgia on the 8th of July for similar charges. The maximum penalty that all of them could receive would be six-month prison sentences and fines of up to $5,000 each.

Click here to see the article from the San Francisco Chronicle with quotes from the clergymen and Rep. Pelosi.

Click here to see the Declaration of protest and condemnation of the SOA/WHISC that was presented to Rep. Pelosi and her staff.

Fr. Louis Vitale, opening statements about the Declaration of Protest and Condemnation of SOA/WHISC with Dan Bernal, Deputy District Director to Rep. Nancy Pelosi.

Dan Bernal and Fr. Bill O'Donnell, giving his reasons for petition.

Walter Johnson, Secy-Treas of the San Francisco Labor Council presenting his friend, Fr. O'Donnell, with a Lutheran Award and promising support for SOAWatch's next protest in November.

Charlie Liteky, Prisoner of Conscience, speaking to the crowd of supporters at the San Francisco Federal Building.