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I am in this courtroom today because crossed a property line, an action I fully accept the consequences of, but more accurately I am here because my government crossed the line of morality. I understand as a magistrate of the U.S. legal system you must uphold the laws established by this government but when this form of law allows gross violations of the Natural Law of Humanity the system cases to be just.
The struggle I endure is to see that this beautiful land?s government is run with the model that human rights above all should be upheld- thus all functions of this government shall never impede on another?s intrinsic rights, be that person from Columbia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Vietnam, Iraq, or Columbus, Georgia.
There exists a school at Fort Benning that spawns graduates with seemingly no regard for human rights in their actions. This school once called School of Americas now called Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation has not been accountable for the terror its graduates inflict in Latin America. It has never had a review of the effect the school has had in Latin America.
In my attempts to advocate the closing of the school. I have written numerous letters to my elected officials including James Oberstar, Mark Dayton, and the late Paul Wellstone. I have made phone calls to my elected officials including George W. Bush. I have facilitated debates, discussions, teach-ins on this school. In risking my freedom I have catalyzed the awareness of many in Minnesota that this school should be reviewed
Independently, compensate victims, admit guilt, and close its doors ceasing to be reestablished under any other guise.
My action of walking across the line was the next step in being a responsible citizen.

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