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I was not planning on making a statement today, your Honor, but I have decided to in light of some issues raised earlier in this trial. To begin, let me say that I have lost a great amount of faith in our justice system today, and I am disgusted with the way you have chosen to sentence my brothers and sisters. You raise, with every defendant, the question of what have we done to change this institution through the democratic process. Well, I must pose a question to you: What do you suggest we do when meetings, letter writing, petitioning, and the methods of the democratic process fail?

Since my arrest in November, I have thought about my situation a great deal, and in that thought two unquestionable facts have planted themselves in my mind. Morally and Ethically murder is wrong on every level; trespassing is not. By sentencing those of us in this courtroom today, you are making the clear statement that murder is acceptable, approved by the United States justice system as long as no law is broken. But killing is never right. And while you, as a judge charged to do what is right, what is just, continue to punish those who oppose killing; the blood of Latin America, the blood of Afghanistan, the blood of Iraq, the blood of the World Trade Centers, will continue to stain your hands.

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