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We have come to Court today to respond in peace and justice. Many have come
here before us as witnesses for this cause, many are here these few days and
many will come after us to effect change in our government?s policies and
actions. We stand in Community - those here present, those who support us
throughout, and those we stand up for who are unable to witness for

Our perceived petty actions have the strength of unity, to some have a
feeling of futility, and for some the perception that no one is listening.
Our voices may be drowned out by this upcoming unholy war in Iraq, and our
messages may be left in the shadows of that action ? but still we must speak.
And we must act.

Our actions at the School of the Americas this last November are a witness to
shut this school down, to demand a full audit of its past actions, and to be
sure that a school or policy that would replace it would be founded on peace
and justice for all peoples. And we will return ? again and again until this
is done.
There is no contrition for my or my community?s deeds in these actions at
the school.

We answer to a Higher Authority and calling than this court.

The writing of letters to persons of responsibility in our government, the
picketing of offices, the many fasts in solidarity - all must be followed up
by action.

These actions and their details are in front of the court and in front of our
Supreme Judge. He will judge us both as followers and leaders of the Way. The
court may look at our actions in a very different way.

We will be sentenced by the Holy One to a life of service and sacrifice, one
that will have no end except one which ends in justice and peace.

The sentencing of this court is one which is of minor concern to many of us
as our commitments are not for a number of months but for a life?s vocation
to peace and justice.

As has been said before, ?we answer to a Higher Authority.?


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