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A Letter to the Editor PDF Print E-mail
February 6, 2004

Dear Editor:

This last November 2003, 12,000 faith-filled people
including myself went to Columbus, GA to expose a
double standard in the "war on terrorism" and close
the School of Americas (renamed Western Hemisphere
Institute for Security Cooperation). SOA/WHISC
graduates continue to be implicated in acts designed
to coerce and terrorize innocent civilians throughout
Latin America, especially now in Colombia, where I
spent time this May accompanying campesinos to safety.

I was part of a group that peacefully crossed onto Ft.
Benning, site of the SOA/WHISC. Forty-four of us were
charged with federal trespass, facing up to six months
in federal prison and fines in excess of $5,000. My
trial was on Monday, January 26th, where I was
sentenced to three months in federal prison and a
$500 fine.

Meanwhile, SOA/WHISC trained torturers and assassins
are operating with impunity. The SOA/WHISC, known
popularly as the School of Assassins has trained
60,000 Latin American and Colombia soldiers in combat
skills and psychological warfare. In 1996 the
Pentagon was forced to release training manuals used
at the school that advocated torture, rape, false
imprisonment, extortion, and execution. SOA/WHISC
graduates are cited for some of the most horrific
atrocities in Latin America, including the El Mozote
massacre of 900 innocent civilians in El Salvador, the
assassination of six Jesuits and their co-workers,
terror campaigns against civilians and indigenous
people in Guatemala and recent massacres in Colombia.

To read more information about the SOA/WHISC and its
connection to Colombia today, log onto
www.godblesstheworld.us Access the Essays section and
read the following articles, "A Walk With My Higher
Power" and "CPT Light Among Darkness".

On Friday, February 13th, there will be a Community
Fundraiser held in honor of peace and human rights
advocate, Scott P. Diehl's two children, while I am
serving my three months in federal prison. This is an
invitation to all people of faith and justice to join
the DJ led lively entertainment which begins at
4pm-7pm at the Barn Swallow, 701 Agency St., West
Burlington (across from Wal-Mart).

If you are unable to attend, please consider a
generous donation, which is tax-deductible to GOD

God Bless You,


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