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Scott Diehl's Court Statement PDF Print E-mail
"With the utmost of respect, love, and forgiveness,
Judge Faircloth, the following statement of mine,
while praying earnestly to God for the Spirit to
inspire me, this is where I was led...

In the great and truthful words of Thomas Paine in
1796, he said, "Man did not make the earth, and though
he had a natural right to occupy it, he had no right
to locate as his property in perpetuity any part of
it, because the earth only belongs to God." Hence, if
God owns the land where I stepped two feet onto, then
there is no way possible to have trespassed onto God's
land. This fact can not be disputed or argued!

We humans made in the image and likeness of God are to
be good and holy Stewards of God's earth. Being good
stewards implies a responsibility to the earth, to
each other and most of all to our God. We are to look
towards all the earth as holy ground, that all of us
here today are standing on holy ground, that Ft.
Benning and the WHISC are on holy ground - yet, our
brothers and sisters in Latin America are suffering
and being murdered by the unholy and immoral hands of
foreign military officers that are still today being
trained by WHISC, which is unholy, yet still on sacred
ground. God sheds yet more tears daily, while the
immoral actions of WHISC continue to practice their
evil and unholy training on God's holy and sacred
Georgia ground.

Judge Faircloth, you and I, and everyone in this
courtroom today are sacred and holy humans created by
our God. God, through the Ten Commandments spoke to
us, by saying; You Shall NOT commit Murder! Then, God
sent us our radical Savior, Jesus of Nazareth, who
spoke very clearly in Mark's Gospel, "Which is the
first of all the Commandments? Jesus replied, the
first is this: Hear, O Israel! The Lord our God is
Lord alone! You shall love the Lord your God with all
your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind,
and with all your strength. The second is this: You
shall love your neighbor as yourself. There is no
other commandment greater than these."

Your Honor, as Jesus fulfilled the Old Hebrew
Testament with LOVE being the highest moral ground,
then, one may ask the question, well how do I show my
love towards God and the rest of God's creations,
including all human life without any exceptions?

First, one such as you and me Judge must view one
another as equals in God's eyes, and begin to reach
out towards one another, where we must love and
respect each other as Jesus and God commands us to do.

Secondly, Judge, you and I must prioritize our values,
beliefs, and morality around loving God and each
other. I broke neither human nor God?s law by walking two
feet onto the military base. There was no malice or
ill-intent on my part towards any beautiful soldier.
There was no protest march, unauthorized
demonstration, or sit-in on my part. I prayed to our
God, Judge, for several months prior to walking two
feet onto our publicly owned military base. I came to
Ft. Benning with love in my heart, mind, and soul!
Honestly, Judge Faircloth, I came to this holy ground
here in gorgeous Georgia, so that I may pray! I came
to pray that the truth be revealed, that the SOA/WHISC
is an evil, violent and destructive force on American
soil that bloodies up the holy ground of Latin
America. I came to pray for the hundreds of thousands
of innocent Latin American brothers and sisters who
have been brutally murdered at the hands of foreign
military officers trained at WHISC. I came to pray
for God's holy ground. Upon my knees, I came to pray!
I kissed this holy and sacred ground that the evil
WHISC would close it's doors some day, so my
14-year-old son, Zachary in Iowa and my 16-year-old
daughter, Charity in Michigan would finally become the
generation without blood upon their hands. I prayed
that my two wonderful and holy teenagers would some
day soon be proud to be called an American when
traveling abroad or joining our sacred and holy troops
for self-defense and not corporate wars. Also, Judge,
I prayed that the human powers will be forgiven - for
MURDER! And, finally, I prayed for you for three
hours last night, to set us free!

Dearest Judge, my only allegiance in this world is to
my God first and foremost! (I stood up in the witness
box, placed my hand upon my heart, and recited my
pledge of allegiance)... I pledge allegiance to our
God, and the world for which it stands, one universe,
indivisible, with equality, liberty, love, and
restorative justice for all without any exceptions.

I lovingly and compassionately say to you, Judge
Faircloth, God bless you and hold you harmless from
what may be seen as immoral, ignorant, and cowardice
judgments and sentences upon us!

May God bless you Judge and may God bless the world!


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