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Ozone's Sentencing Statement PDF Print E-mail
I, Anthony S. O?Leary, as a disciple of Maha Devi ascension movement, would wish today, to take this time to appeal and beseech the mercy of this court to reconsider its sentencing severity.

I am engaged in social volunteer work with my local community providing assistance with emergency shelter, meals and other services. As a result, my lack of physical presence will cause irreparable damage and harm to everyone that depends on my activities.

I wish to humbly seek acknowledgement to the fact that other jurisdictions carry far less sentencing regarding similar offenses.

Due to the Nature of my religious affiliation, It would be considered harmful and detrimental to my being and would severely corrupt my sensibilities and destroy years of practice.

To these ends, I wish to request an undetermined amount of community service as a lifelong form of restitution and rehabilitation.

So again, I wish to appeal to and beseech this court to reconcile its moral conscience and allow the goodness in everyone?s heart to take steps deemed necessary to fulfill global justice.
?Blessed, are those who redeems the acts of humanity as their own?
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Peace be unto you.

Trial Statement

I Anthony O?Leary, A Disciple of Maha Devi ascension movement, agree that the
following facts are true and correct.

I Am wiling to stipulate that Fort Benning, Georgia, is a military reservation within the alleged special maritime and territorial jurisdiction of the United States, on land acquired for the use of the United States and under its alleged exclusive jurisdiction, known as the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, formerly known as the School of the Americas.

As so entrusted by and through public and private means as current coercion of the voting majority to facilitate vague, undisclosed specific political interests.

As claimed by the defendant, I deliberately and intentionally chose to venture into the surrounding wilderness in several forms of silent prayer to atone for the sins committed by this land by creating a physical connection to remove such harsh Karma in seclusion.

With express purpose of intent to relive immediate suffering, honor the lives taken and to commemorate the anniversary of the murders of six Jesuit Priests, their housekeeper and her daughter at San Salvador University in November of 1989 in El Salvador.

My very presence on this day in question gives a clear and present evidence to state that there were not proper physical deterrents to prevent my intentions of crossing arbitrary lines in the sand drawn by mortal men.

I have chosen to cross the dividing lines of injustice and accountability, the boundaries of separation of the rich and the poor, the self restricting concepts of holding individualized national interests, the limitations of utter refusal of sharing global resources, and dispelling barriers of fear through projecting force and violence on the innocent unarmed minorities.

These matters are a direct response to overwhelming outpour of public necessity to prevent greater harm. It appears to me that the sins of America are everywhere, and one does not have to wander long in the wilderness of apathy and ignorance to find them.

As it was made known to me, this institute was made available to public access throughout the year, whereby, institute authorities prejudiciously chose to discriminate against my presence on the day in question.

Whereby the institute authorities, on the day in question, forced their interpretation of their view upon my actions through detainment, being processed, and incarceration, all committed within 48hrs without probable cause.

I wholeheartedly concur that my intentions were not to promote the nature of crime, but to promote the healing of suffering, to call the minds of all to be aware of severe, higher violations of divine will and removal of the deeply seeded karma that dwells here through acts of mercy.

I am here today, because I have a voice. ?I am what cannot speak; I am what cannot be silenced.?

If this is a crime, may the divine Have mercy upon you. And GOD, SO HELP US ALL.


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