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Regulary updated information about David and the other defendants from Harrisonburg as well as pictures and a report from their action can be found on the webpage of the SOA Watch Harrisonburg, VA Chapter

exerpt from Tales of the SOA: Harrisonburg Residents Share Their Experience and Concern

...[David] did volunteer work in Mexico six and a half years ago. "As I worked there and later traveled to Guatemala and Nicaragua, I saw people being oppressed," he said. He began reading about the school, and was inspired by other people?s actions of protest against it. As he and his wife Lee began planning how they would become involved in the 2001 protest, he realized that showing he protested the school regardless of the consequences was what he needed to do. "Jails here are plush, and the consequences are not bad here compared to other places where I would be tortured for what I had said," he explained...