To: Editors, Cordele Dispatch Print
Re: ?Peace Protesters Doing Time in Crisp County Jail? (10-31-02)

As nonviolent peace activists, practicing Catholics, and as prisoners of conscience, we would like to clarify a point from a recent Associated Press article printed in your paper.

It disturbed us that reference was made to us as ??spending six months (in the Crisp County Jail) with thieves and drug abusers.? In no way do we consider our fellow inmates in such narrow terms, especially in light of the acceptance they have extended us ? the strangers in their midst.

We pray in sympathy for their families, just as we pray for our own family members. We hope for improvements in the backed-up court system. We further hope for more intensive medical and mental health care for incapacitated inmates and for counseling and recovery programs to be implemented for those who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction.

In addition, we are grateful to the local Catholic priest and the members of other churches who follow Christ?s dictate to visit the imprisoned. We acknowledge those amongst the jail staff who treat us and our fellow inmates decently. Our prayers go out to the men and women with whom we share these jail cells.

Toni Flynn and Rev. Jerry Zawada