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SOA 86 Updates

A number of defendants reported to federal prisons around the country on 5/6 and 4/29. Their prison addresses have been posted.
Doug Kasper was released from Harris County Jail on Sunday, May 11. David Tarbell was released from Ashland FCI on Tuesday, May 6th. Eloy Garcia and Scott Schaeffer-Duffy were released from the Harris County Jail on Wednesday, April 23rd, 2003. Christine Gaunt was released Friday, April 25th.
Both Dan Fortson and Phillip D'Onofrio were moved from their original placements to higher security facilities. Check the address page for their new addresses. Supporters are investigating the reasons for the changes. Updates will be posted as they are available.
Most of the defendants have now reported to federal prisons. Some students, teachers and clergy received deferred sentences and will report to prison during May and early June. Prison addresses will be posted regularly. Click on the link below to write to the prisoners and probationers of conscience.
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Complete list of the SOA 86 and their sentences
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SOA Trial Coverage from the Atlanta Independent Media Center

January/February 2003 - SOA 86 tried in Columbus, GA

"The very essence of the Nuremberg Charter is that individuals have international duties which transcend national obligations of obedience imposed by the state."
Justice Jackson, Chief Prosecutor, Nuremberg Trials

Most of the eighty-six non-violent social justice activists who were arrested during the protest against the School of the Americas/WHISC in November, 2002 went to trial from January 21st - February 12th, 2003. The group of the 86 includes students, teachers, retirees, catholic sisters, counselors, nurses, homemakers, missioners, volunteers, social workers and therapists, and also includes an accountant, an engineer, an airline captain, two farmers, an artist, a lawyer, a priest, a pastor, a bricklayer, a salesperson, a newspaper deliverer, a printing manager, and a paralegal. They are from all over the country and include 35 people under twenty-five years of age and 28 over fifty.

During three separate trials in the Columbus Federal Court the defendants put the SOA itself on trial. Ruling out defense strategies including necessity and international law, and ignoring the governments inability to prove its case, Magistrate Judge G. Mallon Faircloth found all of the defendants guilty. (Two of the defendants appeared before Judge Clay Land and currently
await sentencing. Two others await trial.) In the end, 49 people were sentenced to prison, with a cumulative sentence of over 16 years. Over 30 others were sentenced to over 32 years of probation and/or house arrest. Together they were fined over $39,000 and required to serve over 6000 hours of community service.

The juxtaposition of the beauty and courage of the defendants statements with the senseless brutality of the court illustrates this struggle that we are collectively engaged in. The spirit of liberation is rising up in the people all around the globe. It cannot be silenced by threats and violence any more than it can be contained by prison walls. Our friends will continue to speak out during their sentences of prison and probation and the movement will grow stronger. We will continue together in this struggle until this school of assassins is closed and the policies it represents are changed forever.
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