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Home About Us Prisoners of Conscience 2002 - SOA 86 1/28/03 Trial Update
1/28/03 Trial Update PDF Print E-mail
The Second day of trials ended with an additional 17 defendants being adjudicated. All of todays defendants pleaded not-guilty (while stipulating to the facts put forward by the prosecution). The last two defendants from this week’s group, Lisa Hughes and Christine Gaunt, will begin trial tomorrow.

Similar to yesterday defendants were sentenced in groups of 6. Defendants were not allowed in the courtroom unless they were part of that group.

At the beginning of the trials defense lawyer Bill Quiggly proffered The Amnesty Internatinal report and an affadavit by Rep. McGovern. Quiggly also requested options for international tavel during probation, specifically for defendants with family outside of the US. Judge Faircloth denied the request.

During the trials a number of defendants presented evidence, including a bullet from Palestine (Dan Fortsen), a rock from El Salvador (Joyce Ellwanger), and a shrouded baby doll (Ann Huntwork), among others. Rev. Cliff Fraiser submitted a letter from the United Church of Christ Justice and Peace Office written on behalf of Cliff and all the defendants.

The defendants adjudicated today are listed below.

1. Sr. Dorothy Pagosa (repeat line-crosser)(Chicago, IL) – 3 months in federal prison (self-report)
-“Our policies continue to kill and harm the most impoverished of Latin America.”

2. Sr. Kathy Long (repeat line-crosser)(Chicago, IL) – 3 months in federal prison (self-report)
-“The US Government has been hiding the reality of this school for years.”

3. Sr. Rita Gerardot (repeat line-crosser)(St.-Mary-of-the-Woods, IN) - 12 months probation, 500 hours community service

4. Sr. Caryl Hartjes (repeat line-crosser)(Fond du Lac, WI) – 3 months in federal prison (self-report)

5. Sr. Joann Quinkert (repeat line-crosser)(Oak Lawn, IL) – 12 months probation, 500 hours community service
-“So I stand in solidarity with the families of thousands of victims.”

6. Sr. Adele Beacham (Bloomington, IN) – 12 months in home confinement, 250 hours community service

7. Dan Fortson (Redway, CA) – 3 months in federal prison (self-report), $500 fine
-“Tresspass may be an act of desperation, a desperate act for a desperate time.”

8. Judy Bierbaum (repeat line-crosser)(Albuquerque, NM) – 6 months in federal prison (self-report), $2,000 fine
-“Patriotism is not about slapping a flag in the window if thats where it ends – it’s about calling my country to task.”

9. Donald Haselfeld (repeat line-crosser)(San Francisco, CA) - 6 months in federal prison (self-report)
-“A new school has not been born; the old school did not die.”

10. Joyce Ellwanger (repeat line-crosser)(Milwaukee, WI) - 6 months in federal prison (self-report)
-“Standing with the poor of our hemisphere, my question about the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation... is whose security are we talking about?”

11. Rev. Clifford Frasier (repeat line-crosser)(New York, NY) - 6 months in federal prison (self-report), $500 fine

12. Ann Huntwork (repeat line-crosser)(Portland, OR) - 6 months in federal prison (self-report)
-“No one has to tell the people of Latin America what the SOA is – they know.”

13. Jim Hynes (repeat line-crosser)(San Antonio, TX) – 6 months in federal prison (self-report)
-“There is one [terrorist camp] we can close down right now... that is the School of the Americas.”

14. Sr. Moira Kenny (repeat line-crosser)(McAllen, TX) – 6 months in federal prison (self-report)

15. Pam McBride (repeat line-crosser)(Sorita, TX) – 6 months in federal prison (self-report), $500 fines
-“If our country’s goal is really peace, prosperity, freedom and democracy for everyone then we are failing.”

16. Marilyn White (repeat line-crosser)(League City, TX) – 6 months in federal prison (self-report), $500 fines

17. Christine LaVallee (repeat line-crosser)(Worcestor, MA) – 12 months probation, $500 fines

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