1/29/03 Trial Update Print
Trials for the first group of defendants ended today. The two final defendants, Lisa Hughes and Christine Gaunt pled not guilty and forced the prosecution to prove their case.

The two cases were joined with separate sentencing.

The prosecution called four witnesses; Staff SGT. Larry Weirgert, Investigator Anthony Brinson, James Webb Ft. Benning Engineer chief, and Bernard Pfeiffer. The prosecution presented 30 minutes of film footage of people crossing onto the base during the November vigil, but could not give positive identification of the two defendants. They also failed to present the processing sheets for the arrests.

The defense twice motioned for acquittal on the basis that the prosecution failed to prove that the defendants committed any crime.

Judge Faircloth denied both motions and sentenced both defendants to prison time and fines.

1) Lisa Hughes (repeat line-crosser)(Portland, OR)- 6 months in federal prison, $1,500 fine (self-report)

2) Christine Gaunt (first time line-crosser)(Grinnell, IA)(46)- 3 months federal prison, $750 fine (reported immediately)