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Home About Us Prisoners of Conscience 2002 - SOA 86 2/11/03 Trial Update
2/11/03 Trial Update PDF Print E-mail
By the close of the second day of trial nine defendants had been adjudicated .The first seven of these defendants pled not-guilty while stipulating to the facts put forward by the prosecution. The next two defendants, Jason Lydon and Rachel Montgomery, pled not guilty and offered a defense with counsel. Both Jason and Rachel recieved six month prison sentences despite being first time crossers.

The last two defendants, Patrick Lincoln and William Slattery, will be adjudicated tomorrow.

Not-guilty stipulating

1. J.C. Orton Berkley, CA, 54: 3 months in federal prison (self report), $1,000 fine

2. Sonja Andreas - Wichita, KS, 53: 3 months in federal prison (self report), $1,000 fine
-?It is the responsibility of each individual citizen of this country to change it. Unfortuately the people are asleep.

3. John (Jack) Neis - Apple Valley, MN, 61: 12 months probation, 250 hours community service, $1,000 fine
-?It is said that the truth can set you free, but at first it can make you damned uncomfortable.?

4. Doris Reed - Endwell, NY, 78: 12 months probation

5. Byron Plumley, Jr. - Denver, CO, 55: 3 months in federal prison (self report), $1,000 fine

6. Michelle LaValley - Jamaica Plain, MA, 21: 3 months in federal prison (self report), $1,000 fine
-?It is clear to me that those who are truly culpable, those complicit in the terrorizing of Latin American communities, at the end of today, will be walking free regardless of what transpires here.?

7. Douglas Kasper - Wheaton, IL, 58: 3 months in federal prison (reported immediately), $500 fine
-?If the righteous demands of the law must be met, where is justice for the poor and the oppressed.?
-?Whithout hurting anyone, we have dealt the beast a mortal blow . . .the beast is imperialsim, elitism, rascism, sexism, militarism, domination, and greed.?

Not-guilty represented by counsel

8. Rachel Montgomery - Oakland, CA, 26: 6 months in federal prison (self report), $500 fine
-?Even within the democratic system it is sometimes necessary to stand up even if it means to dissent.?

9. Jason Lydon - Hadley, MA, 20: 6 months in federal prison (reported immediately), $500 fine
-?How can a country that does not respect democracy with in its own borders force or teach democracy to other people??
-?I dream of a country that does not sponsor violence in Latin America.?

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