2/12/03 Trial Update Print
Patrick Lincoln and William Slattery represented themselves at trial. Both plead not guilty and did not stipulate, forcing the government to prove it's case. Despite the govenment's inablility to do so, both were found guilty of trespass. The judge stated that the fact that they were arrested proved their guilt. Both of these defendants were first-timers, yet both received the maximum prison sentence, rather than 3 months as in the cases of all of the other first-time line crossers. It would appear that they were punished for exercising their constitutional right to a trial. Patrick's sentence was deferred until May so that he can finish his senior year in college before going to prison. William was taken immediately into custody and is expected to spend 4 to 8 weeks in Georgia county jails before being transferred to a federal prison near his home.

Patrick Lincoln - Blacksburg, VA, 21: 6 months in federal prison
(self-report), $500 fine

William Slattery - Maribel, WI, 18: 6 months in federal prison (taken immediately into custody), $500 fine