SOA Watch Prisoner of Conscience Released from Prison! Print
On Wednesday, September 19 the last of the SOA 16 was released from Danbury Federal Correctional Center after serving a six month sentence. Alice E. Gerard, 50, was among the sixteen human rights advocates who were arrested for "trespassing" while protesting the SOA/WHINSEC during the November 2006 "Vigil to Close the SOA" at Fort Benning, GA.

This is what Alice had to say about her participation in the nonviolent direct action: "I went to the grounds of Fort Benning to ask for restorative justice that calls for participants in an act of injustice to acknowledge responsibility, apologize to victims, and assure the provision of restitution to victims. I was asking for WHINSEC/SOA to be closed and for an independent truth and reconciliation commission to be established to investigate the instruction offered at the school. I came to that space, looking for the truth and asking that the government, like its citizens, be held accountable for its actions."

This was Alice's third time in federal prison for crossing the line to bring the SOA/WHINSEC to trial. She was previously arrested in 2003 and 2004.

In a letter she addressed to the movement in May 2004 during her first stay in federal prison she put her courage into words by stating that:

"I am not afraid to repeat my actions in the event that the school is not closed and investigated through legislative action. I am determined to continue to write, to speak and to take action concerning that school and in-country training of troops to kill and repress their own people."

Thank You Alice! and Welcome Home!

Alice E. Gerard is a freelance writer/photographer, she lives with her parents and with two cats, Smokey and Zoe, in Grand Island, New York.

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