Stephen Schweitzer, SOA 11 Print
I believe we all have the desire to live in a more peaceful existence. The opposite of that is a mantra I often repeat to myself, "Do I want to live in fear?" Unfortunately we do. For very real reasons sometimes but also out of habit from fear advertising and security sellers.

We know this country was founded on violence - in the name of freedom - and look where that got us? And violence always begets violence and on and on... And that's where we are stuck. Learned behavior of violence always winning, but creating losers too. Violence creating fear, living in or with fear.

Violence is believed to work for those with the better weapons or a more dedicated, stronger military. And violence is used for economic advantage. And the violence-makers do not do the death-dealing themselves, but rather leave it to those who need economic security in a country that outsources better paying jobs to increase profits. So what's left? Snack food, entertainment, academia or a military economy.

And violence does create a new Queen or King.

So I am committed to non-violence as a means to a better end. But along with civil disobedience there needs to be a challenge to existing laws to promote new equalizing laws whereby wealth and resources and joy-sharing are shared equally. And these new 'just' laws will become a possible path to sustainability beyond our short years on this beautiful planet.

And I see the peace in peace and social justice movements. There I see more aware people. And this is our first challenge - to increase the ranks of non-violent witnesses for peace. And it is for this reason that I am blessed to have an opportunity to share a small statement of hope with others. Please join us! Your help is desperately needed!