Louis Vitale's April Fast Print

Letter from Louis Vitale, SOA Watch Prisoner of Conscience

April 17

Dear SOAW Folks -

Lenten Joy - This week of April 3 to April 10, though separated by barbed wire fences and thousands of miles, I joined in solidarity with Fr. Roy Bourgeois and the members of the School of the Americas Watch.  They were gathered in front of the White House, fasting and lobbying for the closure of the SOA/WHINSEC.  The week-long fast was a perfect way for me to participate in the Spiritual Practice of Lent and at the same time join in this powerful non-violent social movement to end the increasing militarism going on in the world. At the same time, I was happy to be with my fellow inmates here at Lompoc Prison. I have experienced a beautiful closeness to God/Jesus that perhaps could only happen here, where men live so intensely, struggling with their lives.  I feel most at home in a community of love and care in the midst of our humanness. A deep joy rarely experienced.  It is good to be here, and also sharing these experiences with you.  Happy Easter.  May the joy of the Risen Lord and Prince of Peace be with you also.louis
Hope you are all recovering from the DC encounter with our elected representatives - but bolstered by supporters across the globe and especially the fast.  Thanks for the invitation to join the fast even at remote location - clearly I could not come in person - we have 15' fences with huge rolls of concertina wire on top (I doubt if even David and Chris could make it over them).  But my little fast went well.  There were no vitamin juice available, so I stayed with water - It did give an opportunity to share with table mates as I gave away food without exchange!

An added reminder - we just had a huge rocket (TITAN 5) launch of a "classified reconnaisance satellite" into orbit to assist with "Total Spectrum Dominance" - key to our militarization of the planet!!

Getting close to May 20 - getting nostalgia already about leaviing - as you can see I feel at "home" here.  With much gratitude to all,


More info on the SOAW "2010 4" - http://www.soaw.org/about-us/pocs/223-2010-soa-4