Nancy Gwin of Syracuse, NY Arrested at Ft. Benning Print
Nancy Gwin, 63, is an accomplished peace, justice and solidarity activist in Central New York, and a member of the steering committee of Witness for Peace Mid Atlantic. She has been to Latin America a number of times with Witness for Peace. Early in the morning of November 22, 2009, she crossed the line onto Ft. Benning property to carry her witness closer to the School of Assassins. "I feel strongly connected to the people of Latin America and the Caribbean -- the people of this hemisphere. For over 50 years the School of the Americas, now referred to as WHINSEC, has trained militaries with tax monies -- to commit atrocities in their homelands. I cross the line today to say, "No More!" Close this place that has been a literal and metaphorical symbol of the United States' government policies toward the people of Latin America." Gwin said the school’s closure would send a powerful message to Latin America. “To say, ‘We are closing this school to make an equal relationship with you,’” she said. “It’s a small step, but it says we’re looking for a new future.” Read more about Gwin about her arrest in an article by the Syracuse Post Standard here: