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Nancy Gwin, Ken Hayes, Fr. Louis Vitale and Michael Walli - the ‘SOA 4’ - were arrested by the military during the 2009 November Vigil, when they crossed onto Fort Benning to carry our message that the School of the Americas must be closed onto the base.

Their nonviolent civil disobedience action was an act of love and solidarity with the people of the Americas.

Federal judge Mallon Faircloth sentenced Ken, Louis, Nancy and Michael each to six months in prison - the maximum allowed for the charge of tresspass. The extremely harsh sentences are intended to deter others from following the example of the ‘SOA 4.’

Letters of support written to Nancy, Ken, Louis and Michael would be much appreciated and can be sent to the following addresses:

Nancy GwinKen HayesNancy Gwin

was released on September, 15, 2010

Kenneth Wayne Hayes

was released on September, 13, 2010!




Louis Vitale


Louis Vitale
was released on July 23, 2010!

Mike Walli


Michael Walli
was released

on June 17, 2010!!



You can jail the resister, but you can’t jail the resistance! See you in November at the gates of Fort Benning, Georgia!


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