2018 Encuentro Workshop Proposal Deadline Extended!

The 2018 Border Encuentro Workshop Proposal deadline has been extended until Thursday, September 20. Submit a workshop proposal on a topic that addresses this year’s Encuentro theme and demands! Our theme for this year is:

As we create a space throughout the weekend to focus on building grassroots analysis around, and highlighting the devastating impact of, border imperialism, we also seek to create a space of collective learning to address our political demands so that we may build people power to challenge and resist. We look forward to receiving your proposals, and invite you to encourage others to submit a proposal for a workshop as well! This year, we demand:

  • An end to US economic, military and political intervention in Latin America, and the closure of SOA/WHINSEC
  • An end to Plan Mérida and the Alliance for Prosperity.
  • Demilitarization and divestment of borders
  • An end to the racist systems of oppression that criminalize and kill migrants, refugees and communities of color.
  • Respect, dignity, justice and the right to self-determination of communities

Lastly, we want to let you know that there are other ways to get involved in this year’s Encuentro. They include: 

  • Endorsing the Encuentro! With your support, we can make this the largest and most effective Border action yet!
  • Tabling at the Encuentro Tabling is a great way to share literature and/or sell merchandise from your organization. The submission deadline has also been extended until Thursday, September 20.
  • Volunteering a few hours of your time to make this year’s Encuentro possible. The deadline for volunteer registration is Friday, November 2.
If you have any questions about workshops, endorsements, registration, placing an ad, or volunteering, please contact María Luisa at marialuisa@soaw.org.
in solidarity,
SOA Watch