10/8 Program & Workshops @ People of Color Space in Tucson

Para información en español sobre el Espacio para Personas de Color del Encuentro, visite http://www.soaw.org/border/espacio_frentex/

For full POC Space Program information, please visit http://www.soaw.org/border/frentex/

All People of Color (POC) Space workshops will take place at Dunbar African American Culture Center, (325 W 2nd St. Tucson, AZ 85705), on October 8. Please read these FAQS for more information on the Background, Participation, and Purpose of the 10/8 POC Space Program: http://www.soaw.org/border/frentex-faqs/

Opening plenary, workshops, and closing plenary will have English-Spanish & Spanish-English interpretation available. Workshops will address imperialism (eg, the brutal consequences of U.S.’s Plan Mexico), systemic violence (e.g. mass incarceration of U.S. citizens & private immigration detention), and/or other forms of state sanctioned violence. We also ask that presenters incorporate ideas of inter-racial solidarity, transnational solidarity, gender justice, and/or that presenters collaborate with other groups/individuals. See below for list of existing workshops.

Please email us at FrenteX@protonmail.com for more information RE the POC Space Program & Workshops.

—————————Saturday, October 8 POC Space Program—————————

+ TUCSON – 9 AM – 8 PM – People of Color & Youth Space Workshops, Break-Out Groups, and Plenary addressing state violence, mutual solidarity, racial and gender justice (10am-9pm, Dunbar African American Culture Center, 325 W 2nd St. Tucson, AZ 85705)

9 AM – 12 PM – Opening plenary (featuring Eduardo Maganda, student survivor of Ayotzinapa) & Break-Out Groups

1 PM – 6 PM – POC Space Workshops, including the following:

  • Caravan for the Social Movements and Against Repression in MexicoRaices Sin Fronteras & Eduardo Maganda, student at Ayotzinapa Rural School
  • U.S. Security Aid to Mexico Amid the Drug War, Human Rights Violations, & TerrorVoces Contra el Olvido
  • Undocu Queer and Black Resistance in the Prison Industrial ComplexImmigrant Youth Coalition
    This interactive and popular education-based workshop will focus on how policing, incarceration and immigrant detention target undocumented LGBTQ and the immigrant black community. It will also share tactics of resistance against this system including direct action and deportation defense public campaigns IYC has implemented across California supporting more than 200 individuals in detention/deportation proceedings.
  • Digital Security for Activists & OrganizersAdvancing Justice Los Angeles/National Lawyers Guild
    Workshop will address risk assessment in digital activities, internet, mobile phones, etc. as it pertains to organizing. “Power Not Paranoia” presentation will be utilized as a foundational frame.
  • Countering Countering Violent Extremism (CVE)’s Entrapment & SurveillanceMinnesotans Against Islamophobia
    The Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) program is a divisive federal law enforcement program that uses informants, educators, social service providers, and prosecutors to profile and criminalize the largely Somali Muslim population of the Twin Cities. The CVE program is masked in the language of the War on Terror to give license to the mass incarceration of Black migrants, the demonization of a culture, and the elimination of political dissent. Learn about how it is unfolding nationally, and locally in Minnesota.
  • Poetry and Street Theater as Creative Forms of ResistanceCasa Solidaria del Sur/Jóvenes en Resistencia
    We are a street theater group known as Jóvenes en Resistencia, sharing stories based on the struggles of our elders and those who came before us. Our goal is to connect our struggles across all borders and create a brave(r) space for marginalized voices. We will share about the creative organizing work carried out in Greater Los Angeles through different collectives based out of our autonomous community center, the Solidarity House of the South, a strictly POC space prioritizing the voices of womxn/femmes, queer, trans, gender non conforming people of color.
  • Roses of War: The Effects of Militarization on Womxn & the LGBT Community in the Philippines & the U.S. GABRIELA USA
    Military occupation in many war-stricken countries have produced hostile and violent conditions for womxn and the LGBTQ community. On October 11, 2014 Jennifer Laude, a 26-year-old transgender woman from the Philippines, was brutally beaten and strangled to death in a hotel room in Olongapo City near Subic Bay Naval Base by Private First Class Joseph Pemberton. Jennifer’s death, clearly the result of a violent hate crime, also underscores how U.S. militarization and unequal U.S. led agreements contribute to transphobic, transmisogynistic, and gendered violence. The U.S.-Philippines Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA), and now the greatly expanded Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA), further perpetuate hate crimes and state violence like that against Jennifer Laude to occur. This workshop will examine U.S militarization history in the Philippines, the U.S., and other countries and its affect on womxn and the LGBTQ community. Participants will learn strategies of educating, organizing, and mobilizing that GABRIELA chapters has undertaken since the murder of Jennifer Laude.
  • State Violence in the War on TerrorNational Coalition to Protect Civil Freedoms
    This workshop will examine state violence in the context of the War on Terror. In particular, the workshop will focus on the ways in which Muslims have been criminalized vis-a-vis public policy, the institutionalization of Islamophobia and the rising backlash against Muslims.
  • Native, Indigenous, and Campesin@ Resistance in the mountains of Southeastern Mexico: The recurring dire socio-political context in South Mexico and the experiences of womyn amidst exploitation, dispossession, racism, and repressionServicio Internacional para la Paz/International Service for Pease (SIPAZ)
    Conscious of the fact that the most visible roles in organizational processes tend to be occupied by men, we believed it pertinent to elaborate material specifically about the situation of women and their participation in social struggles. “Fighting With the Heart of a Woman ” – The situation and participation of women in Chiapas (1995-2015)”, arose from this, a diagnostic of the experiences of women and the main changes of the last twenty years. We are propsing to share the most significant conclusions, in the voice of women, the protagonists, themselves. We believe that the lessons learned from their struggle should be shared. We would like other struggles and resistances to be able to find inspiration in this material; mirrors in which they can see themselves with which they can reflect and strengthen their path. Download the online version (PDF) of book here! SIPAZ cannot talk about the situation of women in Chiapas, without talking about systemic violence and neoliberal capitalism system that surround them, so we will also highlight and the recurring dire socio-political context in México, specifically on the southern states of Chiapas, Oaxaca and Guerrero. In terms of context, SIPAZ will focus on the defense of land and territory in threat of megaprojects and forced disappearances of migrants.
  • Política Antiinmigrante: Fracturas en la Familia Migrante de Norte a SurSeminario Niñez Migrante, El Colegio de Sonora
    La politica antiinmigrante estadounidense esta ocasionando incertidumbre social, cultural y económica en las familias de estatus mixto en estados como Arizona. En los últimos 8 años aproximadamente medio millon de niños y menores de edad han retornado voluntariamente o no, con sus familias o partes de estas a Sonora México procedentes en su mayoría del estado de Arizona. ¿Cu´laes son los desafíos que los menores encuentran cuando llegan a Sonora?, ¿Cuáles son los trámites educativos que deben de conocer al querer ingresar al sistema educatibvo público en Sonora? ¿Cómo ha sido el proceso de adaptación de los menores en su nuevo contexto?

6PM – 8 PM – Closing Plenary & Next Steps, featuring Marleny Reyes Castillo of COPINH

9 AM – 8 PM – The Healing Justice Space (HJS) is a space for all genders. This space is being created to allow Encuentro participants to re-center & ground as the workshops & platicas will be addressing issues that are rooted in our individual & collective historical/intergenerational traumas. The HJS offers all different modalities from health and healing services including (but not limited to) first aid, counseling and crisis support, mediation services, massage therapy, aromatherapy, acupuncture, energy work, herbal therapy, divination, art therapy, foot baths, teas/food, and yoga.

For full POC Space Program information, please visit http://www.soaw.org/border/frentex/

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