Featured Artists

Formed in 2008 as a youth workshop with the desire to learn the musical tradition called Son Jarocho, Jarochicanos uses this music as a tool to create community-based projects like Talleres en la 18, Jarana All Stars, and La Tiendita de la 18.  They also participate in Son Chiquitos and Son y Arte Summer Camp as musicians and instructors.


Lengualerta is a project focused on awareness and social transformation through music and poetry of his lyrics. Lengualerta infuses elements from the Jamaican Sound System culture of the 60’s with Latin American protest song tradition whose lyrics reflect social and political commitment.

Lengualerta began his solo career path almost a decade ago after collaborating with several bands including Tijuana No, one of the most influential rock ska bands from Mexico from the 90’s. Lengualerta has toured Mexico, South America, Canada and Europe, bringing a positive and constructive message, a festive rebellion that invites us to reflect our human essence on a trail of reggae, dub, raggamuffin and hip hop.

Son del Centro
In 2002, as part of the community-based project of the Centro Cultural de Mexico of Orange County, a group of mostly high school students began to explore the tradition of son jarocho. Through a tiny new space that was created and based within the Santa Ana community, now known as “El Centro”, Son del Centro developed into an active well-coordinated project that today symbolizes a community’s struggle for justice, economic sustainability, and empowerment through culture. Son del Centro was soon performing locally and internationally, and recognized as “el Corazon de Santa Ana”.