Download, print, and distribute our 2016 Vigil flyers! As a grassroots movement, mobilizing happens through word-of-mouth. Place flyers in your neighborhood coffee shop, the library, local bookstore, during a march or rally, or any other social justice event! If you are a student or professor, you can get the word out on campus and throughout your university department!

Border MobilizationConvocando a Todxs

Get your organization, faith community, club or activist group to officially endorse the Convergence at the Border. If your organization wants to endorse the convergence, please click here. If you want to endorse the convergence as an individual, click here.

Images to post on social media (twitter, facebook, instagram, tumbler, pinterest etc.):
Border Mobilization

Border Mobilization

Sample tweets:

From the #SOA to the #Border – Engage in Direct Action, Education, Art & Culture:  [Attach social media image from the gallery above]

Oct.7-10: #ConvergenceAtTheBorder, Resist #Militarization, Expose #RootCauses of Migration [Attach social media image from the gallery above]

Take a Stand for Justice in the Americas – Join the Oct.7-10 #ConvergenceAtTheBorder: [Attach social media image from the gallery above]