Outreach Materials

Download, print, and distribute our 2017 Encuentro posters & flyers!

As a grassroots movement, mobilizing happens through word of mouth. Place flyers in your neighborhood coffee shop, the library, local bookstore, or share during a march or rally, or any other social justice event! If you are a student or professor, you can get the word out on campus and throughout your university department!

8.5×11 ENGLISH

8.5×11 ESPAƑOL










Or, if you are feeling creative energy, make your own flyer! Custom-tailor your messaging to your community by downloading any of the images below, and created and graciously gifted to SOA Watch for the 2017 Encuentro by the Kalli Arte Collective, a family collective of artists, who live and work in Boyle Heights. Check out their amazing artwork below: