SOA Watch Survey

surveyIn 2016, as you know SOA Watch moved our large annual vigil from the gates of Fort Benning in Columbus Georgia to the US/Mexico border in Arizona/ Sonora. This was done in recognition of the current reality of the border and causes of migration as a manifestation of the School of the Americas, U.S. policies and practices in Latin America, and the increasing militarization more broadly.

As we review 2016 and plan for 2017, we want to take this opportunity to get your input on some aspects of the vigil to inform our 2017 work together. We hope you will take a few moments to respond.

Please note that while SOA Watch continues with a great deal of organizing and work throughout the year, the focus of this survey is the Border Vigil and some specific logistics (date, place, etc.). In the interest of keeping it brief, the survey does not ask about all aspects of the Border Convergence. We know that you have thoughts and ideas about many aspects of the Convergence (suggestions for changes / additions; things to praise). There is a place at the end of the survey where we welcome your comments on any aspect of the Border Convergence (and the SOA Watch movement).